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Around sixty three dollars for twenty nine hundred. So we think it's gonna grow from from the price today. But. But it's a it's a it's a downward revision from our earlier focused that's predominantly due to. We demand forecasts for twenty nine hundred over think. Puts you. As well. With the with the folks that credit credit sweets as well to me is great to have you on the program. Thank you for your time to me Jabber. The CEO at Deutsches security Saudi Arabia still coming up on this jam packed program. We're gonna be talking about what stay story for emerging markets off the back of the fed announcement overnights incites, then on AM this is Bloomberg. Where in the world is the financial news you need. Do you think that the Bank of England will actually follow through where is the business and market information? That drives your success. This game of chicken is gonna end the and where would you find information on political events around the globe? Is this going to have an impact on the Chinese economy anywhere? And everywhere you are is America energy independent. Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app, and bloombergradio dot com. Lindbergh, the world is listening ever wonder why weddings, so expensive. Brexit is all about China. Did you know.

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