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How to do in the house and how to how to get the money going to dinner when he going lunch when going to even in schools and you go to our website doctor Joe dot com if you type in so what can I eat we did a show up kind of similar to this but it's a whole show initial by the will be on the website tomorrow so if you want to catch you can get there on the website doctor Joe dot com but we got tons of callers to so I'm always torn when this happens when I take calls obvious you guys got some good questions here who's been hold to keep hold on folks I'm gonna get here Cheryl how can make your day better Hey there Cheryl yes I'm here all day ago Cheryl years ago yes thirty eight years ago I had a broken femur and interaction and had surgery with the ride in it I have a huge about the size of a grapefruit of extra calcium buildup sure never bothered me as the last year so what can I do about this is there anything well it's it's it's several things you can do alkali zing you system might help and so if you eating acid foods that's an issue what you could do a stop at a drug store and pick up some PH paper will share okay and just like yeah yeah okay first thing in the morning a little bit and then wave the PH paper through the stream of urine and then look at the look at the color to color code and you want to be about six point five to seven point out if you below six point five your body's too acidic now if there's acid the body stores calcium try to neutralize the acid so alkali zing you system might help that the other thing you might want to consider is massage and doctor Joe martinis wife Julie's eyes it I excell massage therapist and getting in there just try to increase circulation to that area and then something okay doctor Jones nitric oxide support that's very good for circulation of course super greens an essential source well alkalis the system as well so super being so callous and I took oxide try massage of your body's too acidic then you got to really change your diet to go more alkaline that's what I would suggest now it you may have the main up totally go away but that's the direction I would go in if it were me okay thank you very much lately and phone calls up as we talk about to bring central source nitric oxide with about B. complex at the B. twelve all those are on the website doctor Joe dot com and you can not one of them will ship them to you but if you want to come by and pick them up we have offices marry at a Duluth Stockbridge in west Cobb you can come by to pick up and it'll save you some shipping that's great with me I don't care I we don't make any money on shipping and handling that's all stuff we just pass on to you so that you save a couple Bucks as well I was to take some calls a four four four four doctor jelly for for for for D. R. J. O. E. Conti happy make your day better hi doctor Joe I com I'm calling about my son who is a police officer in another state and he went and had a tussle with the bag guy but they won over anyway he ended up doing something to his shoulder he had surgery on it but what's bothering him is just here recently he broke his foot because he does nirvana's back against yes and there was no laid there per se but yet he felt the pain in his back okay and to catch himself he ended up breaking his foot understood so is there is something that chiropractic would help him this is the second incident first incident he tried going back to work after that yeah I know exactly what chiropractic does we find the bones that are out of place put him back in place take the pressure off the nerve and with the foot we can also adjust the foot once it heals we can going to just a foot one fourth of all the bones in your body on your feet so if you have an injury to your foot chances are if you broke it you also dislocated as well so we got to get those bones put back in place in his feet we gotta get check his knee out check as hip check as low back out and the answer is a resounding yes I mean that sounds like a classic chiropractic case so if you can't get him in to see us in the Atlanta area find out where he is and maybe send me an email through the website doctor Joe dot com maybe I can find somebody form in his area okay okay thanks Brigitte okay I felt very healthcare questions a four four four four doctor Joel who's not keep holding on air folks live at how we make your day better well hi good good afternoon or good evening dark I'm a new listener and I'm very interested in a lot of information you have I like the idea about this super greens I'm a seventy five year old woman I'm retired I'm single and I'm really very much into a lot of natural things down god is put out there for us to use and nine I'm really a big believer in that and I'm pretty much a vegetarian I do do I do eat some mate and that sort of thing that I wanted to know if you have some sort of a catalog or something that that would let me know some of the things that you have available absolutely all out on the trying to website doctor Joe dot com if you go to a website you never my problem I don't have a computer Garrett can you take this young lady's phone number and maybe give her a call center a brochure all right I'm gonna send guaranteed to get your phone number any other questions aside from that I think that will take care of some of my answers about that would that would be appreciated I thank you so much on my plate hold on one second wonderful program I love it I you're smart woman thanks so much hold on one second I thank you there we go put on hold there we go got it okay the time we got time for another question here a four four four four doctor Joe get me healthcare questions Michael happy make your day better Hey doctor Joe first and foremost I want to say thank you very much for developing super grains and essential source I am doing intermittent fasting and this is now I'm on my seventh batch now we'll both awesome and I just went and picked up and it's really helping me because I only eat six days a week at ten AM and then again at three PM send your grains and the nutrients are helping me too fast until ten o'clock and I don't feel full now I've also got a compliment about your great guy walking for you was named Garrett yes he told me to call back on Monday because y'all have been out of the loop office of the central source yes I crawled back in on Friday and to my surprise they got some in earlier yes I'm calling to ask you about the super grains I ended up getting I've been using for the last six batches your regular super grains meant flavored in a white powder yes but they did not have any of that and they had the rice protein one and I've never taken that before and I want to know are you discontinuing the regular super greens mint flavor because I like that one not much better now we just kind of in in fact what we did is we we we changed ever so slightly because we were putting coconut milk and empowered coconut milk into super greens meant and what we did now is we added more of the product more super greens and we add an essential oil flavor a peppermint meet the central oil so you're gonna get more bang for your Buck with the new meant but it should be and I think all the offices should happen because we ran out I was in there on Friday and they had none of it and so I picked up the rice flavored ones and they told me there the Duluth office that is the new packaging so they gave me the impression that the regular super grains men were not coming back now is that wrong that's right he has not already used to skip some that's rice protein and I want to bring it back and get the regular super green yeah okay no it should be and Garrett Garrett any other room right now but I'm pretty sure it's and so just call the office tomorrow call eight four four four four doctor jail and make sure we have it I know we did because we were out of it the problem might be honest with you as we have trouble keeping in stock yeah you do and the house is very popular this is now my seven batch and like I said it's made a huge difference with me doing this intermittent fasting so I can understand why you're running out of it thank you so much again for doing that I'm fixing the purchase the nitric oxide tabloids guide the next months supply and I'm fixing to do the micro nutrient test with Dr CAD Jackson who is who is wonderful yeah I I love her she's awesome Dr kat is wonderful and you're you're a smart man for hiring her great well thank you I appreciate that Mike I got a rubber against break thanks so much thank you very healthcare questions eight four four four four doctor Joe a four four four.

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