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Weight during fruit season. In fact, Aranka Ting's Aranka Tang females only come into heat and estrin after they've gained about five pounds at the end of fruit season, and then they haven't wait to have Brannon. So we use fruit to gain weight for the winter. And the winter was usually a time of less food, whether it was a dry season racy and the cold season, there was less food. So we're designed to actually take the sugars and fruit, which is fructose. Turn it into fat. So I, I am a big fan of berries, but you really should only have them during the summer. And the other thing we have to be very cautious about his an almost all of our fruit has been hybridize for sugar content. And you know when I was growing up, you know, back in the dark ages, blueberries were these little bitty bidder things that they're so bitter. Jesse had to pour about a half a Cup of sugar on it, which great. Which it was a good excuse for the sugar. But now you know, even the organic ones about size of grapes and you know they're sweets. Oh, these are good for me. Well, no, actually they're not the the skin is good for you. That's where the polyphenyls are, but now it's huge amounts of sugar. So you gotta be careful particularly if trying to lose some weight, give you a great example years ago after my first book came out. Dr Gunn's died of Aleutian. We were in the Santa Barbara farmers market in June, and I was picking out some peaches in they're gorgeous and my my wife says, hey, aren't you? The guy who says, give fruit. The boot was only my expressions, and I said, yeah, that's me. And she says, well, what do you do in picking out those peaches? I want summer, you know somewhere she said, tell you what smart guy. We're not gonna eat fruit the summer. Wining, and she said, no, no, no come on. But this test. All right. So I put the peaches back, and so that's summer we didn't change anything else in our diet. I lost eight pounds and my wife lost six pounds just by giving up fruit for that summer. Wow. That's the sugar. Yeah. So so just to go back, what exactly does like a plant paradox lifestyle day look like? Like, what are you eating and what are you? Definitely your voiding Lechtenberg obviously, you know. So you know, it's a lot of it is about making swap. So a lot of people wanna have breakfast. My personal feeling is breakfasts prog, least important meal the day, but talked her odds yesterday. Yeah, probably learned that from me. I was on his podcast last month. He and I actually good friends. We go back way back, but that's not the store. So yeah, it's the least important meal the day, and we had no storage system for food and Millie, we didn't crawl out over cave-ins at what's for breakfast. We had to find breakfast and breakfast means break fast. Now the French actually have. Wanted me. Knew that in this in in the sense of the whole intermittent fasting thing like that, like goes further and Derek. So funny feeling I've known that, like I like, I like that. Young Kapoor like your fast, never thought like breakfast. That makes sense. But I never thought of it like you're supposed to be fasting. You know what I mean? You're sleeping xactly anyway. I'm sorry. Yeah, you know, the French actually have no official word for breakfast. Their first meal was Dejounay, which was lunch. And when all the tourists game, they had to invent breakfast petite Dacian. Yeah, small lunch. Yeah, that's that's incredibly interesting. Yeah. So now you know, I'm not supposed to tell you to skip breakfast because I said this Maria Shriver spot cast last week and everybody got all upset that we're sending our children off to school without breakfast. Believe it or not perform. Yeah. Yeah, starve. Your children? No, I'm not saying that, but there are swops out. So for instance, oatmeal is terrible. Breakfast. It's number one loaded with Lechtenberg and quite frankly, we use oats to fatten horses. My oldest daughter's horsewoman who has six orces and that's how that's how we fatten horses with oats. And I always used to say Wilford Bromley was the spokesperson for the Quaker Oats company that oven killer wonderful chubby fellow with the mustache..

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