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Updates and that's basically what we become our son coronavirus watch good times good times well the president of the United States has now extended the social distancing guidelines the end of April originally remember the president suggested that he was hoping we'd all be back in business by the middle of April April twelfth Easter that of course is not going to happen it's pretty much not gonna come close to happening because we are not expecting peak until at least mid April maybe all the way at the end of April so we'll see well what's that there is some good news I mean I do wanna get some good news and a little bit here about the flattening of the curve because it is happening in some areas of the United States particularly in Seattle and San Francisco that's a that news in a moment but president trump did announce yesterday that the social distancing guidelines would in fact be extended to the end of April have to follow the guidelines that are great vice president holds up a lot he's holding that up a lot he believes it is so strongly the better you do the faster this whole nightmare will end therefore we will be extending our guidelines to April thirtieth to slow the spread on Tuesday will be finalizing these plans and providing a summary of our findings supporting data and strategies to the American people well president trump also explained extending the guidelines on fox and friends this morning why exactly these guidelines were being extended and I listen to express we have doctor found too we have as you know we have Deborah Berke suse fantastic also doctor Deborah Brooks and did two of them plus many people behind them send the worst ticket happen as you do it too early and all of a sudden it comes back it makes it more difficult that of course is true one of the great fears here is that if you allow people to go back back to what you really see a massive increase in cases it overwhelms the system and then you started seeing mass death out there in a sort of second wave the as as I said there is some good news from other countries you're seeing day on day in Italy an increase in the number of test but a decrease in the number of positives which suggests that maybe finally Italy's meaning to flatten the curve you're also seeing that her being flattened in Seattle which is good news according to The New York Times officials in Washington state I believe the Danes maybe precarious they see evidence of containment strategies have lowered the rate of virus transmission again the goal here is two fold one well this thing off until summer when hopefully the summer kills it and to we increase the number of resources can be brought to bear in these various cities in fact the the USS comfort which the navy ship that is designed for hospital beds as thousand hospital beds just docked in New York the pictures are just astonishing on this giant hospital bed with the the big red cross on it that are that are passing the statue of liberty and docking in New York harbor it's it's pretty amazing amazing stuff meanwhile in San Francisco apparently the curves being bent down as well because the social isolation measures have been put in place by Walker is one of the doctors over at the university of California San Francisco and and he has tweeted out is the UCSF department medicine he says that as of day twelve there is no change in status at the hospitals he says our command center briefings it now less newsy seems like work over preference search that may not be coming which will be great he says the overall San Francisco cases were still seeing mild growth over the last seven days in San Francisco I'm really struggling with the curve is flat versus calm before the storm narratives true generally across the country even pessimists are tilting toward the former we have to what leading up there could easily flip the other other way he says well San Francisco's okay nightmarish reports from New York he got a a report from an old pal now to major teaching hospital saying in your things are incredibly dire as of today we filled all expanded beds are fully utilizing all available ventilators we deputize the full work force to serves adult hospitalist including ophthalmologist radiologists and pediatricians it's truly terrifying so obviously people are freaking out in New York and there isn't decent evidence for that obviously are starting to see a lot of anecdotal evidence on the ground that things are getting ugly in New York they are building a hospital in Central Park they made the Javits center into a hospital but so where exactly is this thing going at this point after Anthony felt yesterday was on national TV out with Jake tapper and he suggested that we may see a hundred thousand two hundred thousand people die in this epidemic even if we adhere to all of the social distancing when you use numbers like a million a million and a half to million that almost certainly is off the charts now it's not impossible but very very unlikely so it's difficult to present I mean looking at what we're seeing now you know I would say between one hundred and two hundred thousand cases but I don't want to be held to that because it's it's it's I I skews me deaths I mean we're gonna have millions of cases but I I just don't think that we really need to make a projection when it's such a moving target that you can so easily be wrong well this is one of the concerns that all of the modeling smiling it's not real on the ground we don't we don't know exactly what this looks like according to the Wall Street journal the confirmed case in common nineteen imprisoned more than two hundred forty thousand globally more than thirty five thousand deaths were up to over twenty seven hundred deaths in the United States alone the Wall Street journal says hard hit states aim to increase hospital capacity this week to accommodate the influx of patients the federal government and US navy hospital ships to New York and California as well China where the virus was first identified in December said nearly all of its major industrial companies resumed production even so here's the second operator causing authorities to backtrack on some measures to get the economy up and running gets trying a little bit later because it's pretty obvious that they have been lying at this whole time meanwhile the virus continues to spread across the globe total confirmed cases passes under forty thousand led by the U. S. Italy and Spain now again confirmed cases is also good indicator of increased testing which is actually not a terrible thing you want to increase testing at this point increase testing means increased positive that's not only not the end of the world is actually what you see right you want increased it increase asking because they Chris positives we need increased testing therefore will get increased positive however around the world you're starting to see people like Benjamin Netanyahu the prime minister is now not self isolation after one of his advisers his seven year old woman tested positive for the virus also we're seeing anecdotal evidence for disaster areas in New York governor Andrew Cuomo's aim to increase hospital capacity with makeshift medical treatment centers according to the Wall Street journal the US army corps of engineers was slated to open a temporary medical facility at Javits center in Manhattan on Monday and if the hospital ship arrived in your cover on Monday a second navy ship docked in Los Angeles on Friday Cuomo has called on the federal government to provide more ventilators president trump said on Sunday that FEMA brought eighty tons of personal protective equipment to the state including face masks hospitals gallons and gloves among other supplies other governments state governments offering people to stay home at Maryland governor Larry Hogan said we're no longer asking or suggesting suggesting that Marylanders stay at home or directing them to do so also the CDC issued a travel advisory for New York New Jersey and Connecticut directing residents not to travel domestically for fourteen days basically stayed home for fourteen days don't go to other states already states like Florida had basically been requiring that everyone who enters the state from places like Georgia or New York be self isolating Macy's on Monday said will furlough the majority of its employees a hundred and thirty thousand employees so the the economic fallout is also incredibly dire all of this is is worrisome and even more worrisome when you consider that we just aren't getting data from a lot of places on earth rather than getting no data from India were getting no data from Russia the data we're getting from China is probably bull crap minister Pedro Sanchez of Spain said at the weekend the tighter lock down that they they're gonna lock and again was needed to avoid the collapse of saturate hospitals in the dread Spain reported more than eight hundred twelve new deaths on Monday bringing the country's death toll to nearly seventy four hundred Italy and Spain remains the hardest hit their disproportionately elderly and their systems have been overburdened in some good news a clinical knowledge is the jubilee hospital in Rome so the number of deaths is dropping every day over the weekend the number of new patients needing critical care had gone down as well none the less Italy had extended national locked down for April third that probably will continue even further in Britain Dr Jenny Harries deputy chief medical officer said it could be six months or more according to The New York Times before return to total normal with lockdowns being reassessed every three weeks she said of the strategy was successful the country can effectively limit the peak of cases in the short term measures would have to continue she can't say we just go back to what we were doing also I mean shout out to the respiratory therapists shout out to the registered nurse a shout out to the doctors shouts all the medical workers who are doing unbelievable work trying to help people trying to keep people safe medical students having graduated early in New York so they can be activated and put on the front lines which is just unbelievable retirees are being called back into action Andrew Cuomo said if you're a healthcare worker and you are basically at home doing nothing please come in and help out please volunteer so this is an all hands on deck situation it's really scary you know as a person with a wife in the medical profession who is on maternity leave right now we are maybe like two and a half weeks ago you know it's the the prospect of having her house would freak the hell out of me I and I can't imagine what all the other medical workers are going through so thank you all for doing what you're doing you are truly unbelievably heroic according The New York Times emergency rooms in ice use throughout our city typically just passion that'll professionals are feeling panicked as an increasing number of their colleagues get sick that is because a lot of people showing up day to day facing overflowing emergency rooms and apparently some of them are are still lacking personal protective equipment because well those it will be put in does exist people are not getting it in time in China more than three thousand doctors were infected nearly half of them in will hand in Italy the total number of healthcare workers were infected is now twice the Chinese total nearly fourteen percent of Spain's confirm confirm coronavirus cases are medical professionals so all of this is obviously a devastating and we all owe our thanks to all the medical professionals who are on the front lines will get you more of this in just one second first let's talk about the fact that this is tough times for businesses that means you have to be as efficient as possible because at some point we're gonna come out of this and you're gonna need to explode out of gay this is why you need to be on top of your data I'm talking about next week successful companies know that if you want to.

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