The House, Senate, Nasdaq discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


In hand with the counties to ensure that shelters are available for other communities who may need to evacuate there's absolutely no reason for anyone not to evacuate if your order to do so urmas currently a category five storm with one hundred eighty five mph winds the house was passed the first since novel of hurricane relief almost eight billion dollars worth were victims of party a measure now goes to the senate for consideration wall street preparing for a higher close the dow is up seventy seven points the nasdaq better by twenty one the s p nine points higher this is srn news i'm frank millar with your money now well trading gets ready to wind down on wall street the dow nasdaq and destined vive remains modestly higher for the federal reserve released his book report this afternoon which loaded with some concern about a prolonged slowdown in the auto industry and said that it was a bit too soon to gauge the impact of breaking rv on the water economy without offering ends civic that the group said that burdening harvey creative broad disruptions new economic activity along the gold coast in the bells and atlanta district this is the oil and natural gas corruption in the gulf of mexico was off wind offshore producers in the region temporarily stop production built the economy was able to expand at a modest lewis who moderate pace over the past england's global commodities through jumped to forty nine dollars sixteen cents a barrel today as came from a friend's rakes in the gulf mexico threatens the florida coast while gold bells president trump reportedly agreed to support a measure that would wings the debt ceiling in bonn the government the three months down five dollars fifty cents on the day and that is your money now for nearly one hundred years folks have trusted.

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