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Were pleased to see the issue of great power competition a resurface in the national security strategy in the national defence strategy a recognition that we do we are contesting for global leadership now were contesting for being able to keep this space open and free physically for for trade for security for the rights of countries who want to be more democratic to make that choice populations to live better but that means we need a concerted complex strategy towards russia towards china towards iran and i see a lot of um uh mixed signals being given to all of those places well it's interesting you mentioned the national security strategy you know you almost lumped together uh russia and china in the same sentence which is actually wet uh president trump did in the loan sentence of his state of the union speech this week which i know we've already forgotten because it's so much else has happened but um you know i was struck by the fact that sort of russia and china russia and china uh you know as if they're when in the same what do you think about that analytical framework uh i think you have to deal having having worked and lived in both countries uh i think the us has different uh affirmative interests with russia and with china we have different security challenges from russia and from china we have different um uh the putin's russia and she's china are not seeking the same thing necessarily on this planet and the way we have to work with them uh is different that said i think the overriding a theory of the case is similar and has been similar for my entire career which is you want to encourage the best in terms of collaboration cooperation seeking their enfranchisement in a more open rulesbased world and blunt and deter the worst so you spent the last few years you know eight years of the obama administration working in in different roles out with a president who also wasn't 100 percent on the same page with this uh vision of uh kind of liberal activists internationalism that you've articulated now we have a president who certainly speaks in very different terms but arguably our eyes also questioning uh america's role in the world uh you know do you see.

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