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Unknown unknown? I'm your co host Joey Radio with me as always as Mike Vanda bogart what's up everybody thanks for tuning in. It feels great to be back actio. I know we both had some interesting trips while you're gone. Yeah I am besides the Iraqis trip I know we recorded an episode since then but I spent four and a half five days in the back country of Montana Glacier national park and it was absolutely stunning. Just one of my favorite parks you oh you and I went there. What was it five years ago? Yet has to have five years now. Yeah it was a while ago but we actually stayed at the fifty mountain site that we were we were at we went a couple other places that just really really beautiful ended up covering about sixty two miles in that period of time so we were really moving but it was it was a great trip didn't running running any bears couple the rangers about their missing persons case. They're working on now. Also got some got. Some good information might have to do not bestowed on him in a little it just to talk about that guy cool yeah so you were out in glacier and I was actually up in Alaska about a month ago and it was amazing. It wasn't really what you'd call hiking trip but we did get some hiking in I went hiking with buddy and Denali for a day and then we did some hiking too a glacier near in your anchorage and we also did some psychiatry around glacier called Spencer glacier so it's really cool. I recommend Alaska anybody. can get up there. We had a lot of issues forth forest fires while we're there so the air quality towards the end of the trip was pretty subpar but we were able to get all the all the good hiking in that we could so great ship nuts excellent you sit out of the triangle though right in the heart of the triangle right in the triangle triangle you made it out so that's good I went into the triangle the Alaska Triangle and came out so it can happen tastic so besides the trips were on we do. Have you know one exciting update. We mentioned this on our last episode before the break we have bedding. I didn't contact with some people that have known are Nelson. This is a guy that we did one of our cases on a while back. One of the guys is known him for a very long time the other guy did did some hiking with them so we are planning to have an interview with these guys to kind of shed some light on Arvin and bring the light some information. That's not publicly known so so stay tuned for that. I'm not exactly sure when we'll drop that at this point but it will be in the next couple of months yeah. We had a coordinated with them. I and I'm I'm personally very excited because a lot of times when we do these episodes we we work off the information we can get from police reports or from news broadcasts in its you know some times times if anyone's ever been interviewed and seen what their interviews like in the paper afterwards there's a lot of something can be missed out so we were contacted by this group because they said there was a couple of things they wanted wanted to correct this on. There weren't weren't any major differences but it also helps shed a light on the type of Person Auburn was in and get some better insight into what could have happened. Yes yeah so it's exciting that they they reached out to us and are willing to talk with us. You know it's very personal when you know somebody and they go missing the you know the person so we appreciate you know that one other thing we do have a Amazon storefront and Joe and I have been putting products on there that we highly recommend in have used in the back country so if you want to help the show out go to our storefront and purchase. We've got tons up there. We've got different print type of climbing here a lot of stuff that you can use in the back country and every sale we get a little portion out of it and it helps us keep the lights on so if you're in the market for any and you hiking gear check it out and we'd like to think this week sponsor Verger they've been helping us out mostly through the first half of the show so we're glad to have them back when we restart art these episodes again I've been recently. I think I posted about this on facebook. 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