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Right. And then I was like all right. I'm gonna just start giving different people a chance, but I was like it's sort of like, my my my my my myself is like my supplement the growth of myself esteem is never been linear. Dude, you have higher value. And so it's like it's like at this point. I kind of feel even though like I feel like sort of heartbroken a little fucked up because you know, there's just sort of there's the residents of after you go through what I kind of feel like I feel like my shits. Like, I feel good about myself. I've had a couple pay for. Yeah. Where it's like you're battling the loss and feeling upset over the loss. But then deep down in your gut. It's always like feeling like right here. You know, that this is a blessing that you've. Yeah, you've parted ways. Yeah. Definitely show like in a weird way. Like, even though like, I feel humility is so interesting because it is a way of like what it does it cuts away at your ego. Bullshit, which is like it cuts away at the false self. And you end up feeling just like it's like the end the Jerry Maguire or something like that you end up feeling like a sense of like you touch like some true wholeness. You know what I mean? Not that like like, all right. I'm okay. Like not that fucking like sing song. Breakup music type ship were you really like ground yourself and you start to like how compassion for other people. And you're like fuck like, I don't even have to posture so much like, I'm a valuable motherfucker? Yeah. You know, why? I mean, like like a false sense of confidence or south were worth is very loud and flamboyant. But that's where I Blake you were saying just no Christina's like you realize like that's something that I fall into a lot, you know, and as a performer, listen, I have my own podcast on. No disrespect is such like, just an silver as a character, which lean into that big time funny and anybody who doesn't know that I'm joking that I'm really not like, you know, popping as many client opin as I said if you don't get. That like that. Is there to entertain you into the pretty boy because it's like you can't not be like pretty and have app. So why like why not lead Lena's if people are gonna make fun of you? Anyway. People 'cause jealous this book in narcissistic, hand job was like, of course, like I'm playing the north Hanjour. But like, but the reality is is like who you're talking to right now. So that's why I was listening to sotos episode. And I was like, oh, I love these two girls like they're so good at like, you know. Yeah. I'll open up with you. I like that. I appreciate that. I figured you had a lot more layers than what I saw because I don't know you very well. So I was delighted to to dive into that what? Now sex like intense sex. What does that mean to you like, yeah? Mike Vecchione was just talking about ten sucks. Yeah. I I don't I think the biggest waste of time is bad sex. Like it almost makes me mad to me. What to me? I don't even know of what other kind of sexy besides sex. Like, what is what is? Well, listen. Maniacs. There's timid sex. There's wins one party. When you're I listen, there's women who are very comfortable with their bodies. And you like you see them and you equally want each other. Like, listen, I want someone like like. But when they're no like all, right, listen, we're gonna meet in these like these two things are going to collide. Like, it's fucking her vagina penis whole I love when when like bodies, collide. And it's like, listen, I don't even wanna flip you over. Because like I want like I don't like the ten minutes. Yeah. Can't leave your mouth, and I want like is open all is. You over. I mean can get that on Valentine's, you should write magnets, bumper stickers t shirts for level of positions like that. But there's those times like hand on the throat like, yeah. Your tits until my mouth. You're feeding me like a baby and then by one and I want like I want like my one a lot of spit and like lick don't even kiss me lick my mouth like the joker like smile at like..

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