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Well, let's man we were great like like we were on stoppable. I like, okay. Like being Chauncey then used to come pick and rolls and ten thousand like, oh, they can't double team. That's now why because they gotta worry about Russia you on on on the flares. You gotta watch. And and like, you only gotta worry about been going to the office of glass. So now, you got five guys on the court that can all play that team's gotta be aware of. So I think that if with the Sixers understand, hey, it's okay to make the hockey pass out there. It's okay for someone else to run office. It's okay. For me, maybe to come out and take five or six hundred ten points because I got three other guys on this team or four other guys that are team taking go out and give me third Virginia for so it's not all about the individuals. It's all about the team Hamilton the NBA champion joins us from Intel true VR in NBA on TV are still going to get to that in one. Second rip. But I gotta think back to your two thousand and four champion team. Again, the Detroit Pistons because they took down a dynasty in the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe shack Karl Malone a team that people thought was a runaway with the NBA finals. You guys went in there. You mentioned it yourself for she been Chauncey Tae, Sean, and I'm looking maybe at the Houston Rockets as they are trying to take down a nother dynasty in the wars. Now mine is Kevin Durant. But the way that you guys attacked what was your mindset along with what you mentioned the outside noise. How did you leave that outside noise outside of the locker rooms will go first of all we wasn't scared. Right. Latest can be very intimidating. Wars. I mean Lakers have four hall of famers. Right. Right. But in in in our mind, we felt like we were the best five alive And and and nothing could take that away from us like and we had dog like like we were like pit bulls. Like, all right. You know, what we all felt like we came from different situations where teams gave up on like. All right. You know, what we're just going to send you to Detroit. Right. And then we all got together. And we all had that same story. We all felt like we're in the foxhole together right outside at Detroit. There's a lot of people that don't believe that we can win at all. But we just feel. So that the chemistry was right? Like, I knew Cianci's game inside and out. He knew my game inside and out. And it was weird because we're only playing together for two years then like a year and a half. Right. She came midseason. But it was a thing that we all respected each other. And we all try to protect each other. Like, we will brothers. So Rushie win letdown. Ben Wallace, so rush she had to guard, whoever right Carl Malone. He knew that art. And I got a girl Carl Malone head up, you know, because I I don't wanna let my brother down by getting fouled Trump or doing stupid plays out there getting technical out or anything like that, you know, because it would affect my brother in his job and how he does his job. Right. So it was just it was a big thing off respect, we all believe that you know, we were great like Mansholt's. He felt like we were the best back an elite from day one rush even been thought they were the best, you know, front court in the NBA. They sound felt like he can anybody out there on the floor. Right. It took a step back offensively. So we can be great. So the team can be so which is all about sacrificing guys understood each other. And we just went let each other down. We felt like we were best. We didn't go and say are you know, what? The Lakers are the best beta cream of the crop. Not pistons is that's what we believe. NBA champion rip Hamilton joined the rich Eisen show. Kirk Morrison filling in for rich..

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