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Kawai Leonard in the post game interview. And I am so like fire the mid game in game post game interview with the player into the sun. You never get anything value. No knock on Israel Gutierrez. I thought he actually asked some pretty good questions, but Leonard is to such a robot. And I don't mean this in a negative. I just think it's the reality that sound bite. I don't know if you have a perfect match more perfect match of a soundbite and personality of a player. Then that laugh that awkward ask why? Leonard laugh. It's crazy. It's like he'll forever be known as that the guy can single handily knock off Golden State like LeBron and Kyrie did and still he'll be known for that. Bizarre. Awkward. It's like Howard. Getting it really is do you? Remember that? I don't know. This is what I think. Right. Jacob. Memory. Okay. So Howard Dean was running for president. If you could find this and doesn't have to be the man, no problem. But how just give you the quick skinny here? So Howard Dean was running for president. And this was the democratic ticket. I believe it was two thousand eight and he actually had a lot of momentum. And people thought ok he could go and win something here and take the democratic primary, and he had this speech in which he was mobilising everybody like, and we're gonna go to Portland, we're gonna go to Washington state. We're gonna go to Minnesota, and we're gonna we're gonna it finally goes, then we're gonna go to Washington DC and take over the White House, and he's eighty made that sound, and it was so cringe-worthy that ascension I'm telling you lost him any shot. He had of winning the primary of winning a seat and ultimately winning the election. Now, they stuck them somewhere. I think you win the ran the democratic national convention or something like. That. But it is it what defined him that sound bite to find him and Kawai Leonard drops thirty nine who was an absolute cold blooded killer. I mean, he was that machine that robot that we reference that these guys built to knock down threes like Steph curry Colli, Leonard was showing no emotion positive or negative. And it was really something. I it was a marvel to watch. Because I don't think that we've seen something like this in the NBA the NBA is as expressive with personalities as it gets think about the contrast of what you had on the floor Sunday afternoon. You had Joel Embiid who probably one of the most colorful characters in professional sports, huge personality all over the place on social media doesn't stop talking doesn't stop running his mouth. Everybody loves him in Philadelphia people hate them around. But he's still just this amazing magnet of personality. And the other guy who's exceptionally good. Who's incredibly good historically good is Leonard. And Kawhi Leonard shows nothing, I don't even know if Leonard's on Twitter, probably not Kowa letter doesn't give you anything. But forty three minutes of machine like work like effort from somebody who is going to go down as a top ten player in the history of this game. I mean top fifteen maybe probably more. So but understand championships aside. This guy's absurd. What he was able to do. He had this step back three on Joel Embiid that just sealed it, and I don't know if you're seeing anything like Kevin Durant is the best player right now in the NBA. No Jaanus and James harden gonna go back and forth for MVP. But when you're talking about talent, and you're talking about a seven foot to guard. Kevin Durant just stands out like he hasn't dropped three or four years ago when we were comparing him and LeBron James so collide letter gets hurt. He misses all. Time and look he's right back. He's right back to being top three four player in the NBA. The only difference is you've added Jaanus into this conversation. And I don't think you can based on the long jetty of Leonard the fact that he gets hurt at it comes back. I was blown away blow to way we haven't seen something like this since LeBron James e even I would say the first trip back to Cleveland, not in Miami. Because he had more help. Maybe if you wanna look at it the first time where they get balanced out in the finals that one team that he brought, but I don't want to take away from the Braun in that first trip with Cleveland because he really didn't have much. He really did not have much and lettered has been out playing guys around him who have just been barely showing up. I know PASCAL Ceac him was hurt. But he didn't give this team much and for the two games before this one. You got nothing nothing at all from anybody outside of Kawhi Leonard on that raptors team now they start to click and Kowa Leonard's domination on the floor is second to none in the playoffs. Yeah. I get it like Kevin Durant is really really good. But he's got some guys around him that are really really good. And while the raptors are a good basketball team. I don't know if you can have everybody on the warriors except Kevin Durant. Disappear. Just disappear. I know Steph spin up and down trust being really not.

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Kawai Leonard, Kevin Durant, Howard Dean discussed on 0 Show

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