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Investigate his political enemy the Biden family was being called a quid pro quo arrangement which sparked the inquiry these are working to restore power to thousands of Dallas residents after tornadoes swept through the northern part of the city last night storm is shut down dozens of schools and damage to fire station campus police arrest a man they say was stealing women's underwear from a St Edward's university laundry room police say over a period of weeks the man twenty seven year old Jacob Davison was seen allegedly breaking into the laundry room through a window while wearing a woman's wig when center words please write a traffic stop on the suspect he was found to have fifty seven pair of women's underwear into wigs he was charged with burglary as bonded out of Travis county jail your kale BJ radar weather watches sunshine seventy nine downtown now get Austin news on demand it newsradio kale B. J. dot com mark Mullen at on your radio and ninety nine point seven FM or five ninety eight AM mark Mullen at three thirty one good afternoon it is a gorgeous day thank you for joining us one of the things we're discussing is a story by KXAN Austin police say they have located and arrested a man who tried to cut a woman's throat they were having sex out by Spicewood springs road in the woods and it got started because they connected online and she said yeah I'll meet you out there but that'll be two thousand dollars he agreed they went out hooked up and she says I felt the blade on my neck two thousand dollars and miraculously she survived in a skate and contacted police in the Austin police did a terrific job of tracking is guy down with some cyber detective work that is very very impressive.

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