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Maybe even air pods three. So i think you should have that available to your right now. the software update is called fourteen. Point eight the records for fourteen point eight. Yes i did mind this morning sir right fourteen point and you also need to do an update on your watch. Yeah your apple watch needs to be updated as well. These are emergency updates and your urged to do these right. Now yeah alright. The theme last night was in america lexicon of fashion. And if i read one more article that says they understood the assignment with their outfit knowing. What's that but what's that my of the neue young. I'm out of annoyance. I thought that was voice of america. But it's vomit of annoyance. Okay what happened. This is the twenty twenty one gun so they had a theme. Apparently there's a theme and you're supposed to be able a look at these crackpot outfits to go. oh yeah that fits the theme getting mine. She's the sun okay fine. What's the theme again in america. A lexicon of fashion that means nothing. That means do whatever you want article after article. They understood the assignment. They took it seriously. They nail that assignment. they totally the theme. What yeah kool-aid heavy you been drinking. She got your mom coming into the sun. Goddess kardashian coming in like a bondage prison warden. And you're supposed to go. Yeah they both read the same book Once in a prison underground whipping people and the other one is the sun goddess. How did they read the same book and come to the same conclusions. You're too stupid. Understand dave in delhi island that she was inspired by holiday barbie. That was her inspiration for her terrific. She was Made history as the events youngest co chair along with amanda gorman naomi a sokha and timothy shallow met and who showed up in sweatpants encumber now they act like they're saving the world it's address party for adults can't grow up. It's so stupid. Pete david not the door. We love it. Yes and pete. Davidson is so hot. I can't stand myself. Go ahead dr great so easy to. pm it's great and then congresswoman a. o. c. Paid at least thirty five thousand dollars for her ticket and address. It said tax the rich. Of course she did because she didn't pay that thirty five thousand dollars. She probably much address cost. Yeah i couldn't find it online early this morning when i was doing a quick search. Sure that'll come out late either. That make any sense does it. She's got this tax the rich message. Which is the messages rich. People are bad. They're the reason we don't have nice things because we have intact them enough and yet there. She is at the richest bastardy event in the world. Right house on an editor for it is the most elite rich bastard event in the world and there. She is bad mouthing rich. People not gonna make any friends. Are you not throw her out through the saloon doors. Throw her out. We don't want anyone here. Badmouthing are rich bastard event. She's just an idiot now. The idiots the people who love her there the idiots. Yeah maybe you're yeah that's yeah okay. I got that chief. Fooled them all into voting her into congress. Now who's the idiot come. That's that's very well trick every one of those morons the voter in congress by got a great idiots out there..

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