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Did you go visit your star? Yes, that's the most important thing. Okay. But the way, let me just say how Ross does this. He doesn't really announce it. All of a sudden were pulling up by star, like we're pulling up parking. In front of this conversation? We did before he went on, we just teased this is before we were on air. I know you said you were there. I'm looking around like. So we talked before you went on air Tricia said in the story, you're so good look how good you are. Look bad. You are so good. Read that for me that I saw told you got so much shit puck. I've lost it because I know I had covered black because I was saying before that your star weekend is was literally like a wedding weekend to me. It's one of the greatest events I've ever been to friend or not that part, but I wanted to know fantasy was not at your star serum. I was there. Well, I mean, I'm sorry. He wasn't part of the family had originally officially, but he was like in the background just happened to be walking by a guest on the show. A couple had not become friends yet, and I didn't get to know because had you not have been snuggle bust and what's the restaurant it's in front of, well, it was all, but that's now gone. Just getting just kind of shocking. Yeah, but they're making something else another gay establishment we driving and all of a sudden just pull over in fact, it's like, what? What's happening? You know, he doesn't say anything and he's, he's like, get out. Let's get out. We get other course that's in front of us star and get down around on the ground. I posed with his star why he takes pictures of me. Love. That I would. Here's nurses schism is if I think you just really want to like make it technically all about you. But when you hit the level that you have a star on the walk of fame. Is your friends are job? That's right. Drive bys. CVS wanna go. Let me tell you this. Let me tell you this oil. So bring him to Las. Toilets and I go, okay, here's what we're going to get. And I told the comes, we want this and this and this and this just like that she goes, oh, yeah, that was actually on TV like that. And I go, I go on the food network. She goes, yeah, you know who put it on there. She said. I did, I think called. I said, I picked this burrito this way at Las Swailes. She goes up so they make Fags eat that. I mean, I'm so bossy. I appreciate the bossy Rossi because burrito everything. And I'm not saying I'm not a kiss. I have no reason, but everything. He takes care of everything, which I love. I'm lazy like that might just pick something out and everything he picks is so good and I love, I love it really has tailor-made Palm Springs. That's exactly. Go back without them. We go next door that you love sunglasses, right? Because he loves cheap sunglasses. The lessons his being get three pairs of sunglasses for twenty dollars or one pair for like, what does it ten? And he. Picked them all out. He picked all three out everything the pair wearing today. Can you on for them? Yeah. Picture on Hello Ross pod? Oh, my gosh, does are stopped me in the mall. Are they stopped me said, Where'd you get those classes? I'm not kidding. They're really great thing. Jay. What that's really hard because I'm really bad about bond for my face. I can't go with a he. I mean, pick these out in a matter of what seven minutes he had three pairs. I love him. I love him. I love him. Well on you, there's a reason. Listen and all of this made me so happy and when life gets overwhelming, sometimes you just have to smile. So I wanna remind everybody. I'm leading something, but I am. Hello? Rawson everything. The show was Hello. Ross pot..

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