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For listening to Wdbo. We have some rain continuing to impact areas of central Florida tonight. Our Kevin refuse checking in, Kev, Where are you? Exactly? What are you seeing? Tony? I'm here in college Park in classic Florida fashion just like that. The rain is pretty much over Just a little bit of light rain at this point right now. Definitely seeing a little bit of pawning on the road, so be careful out there. Obviously, the storm moved through pretty quickly high winds dumping a whole lot of rainfall, but the torrential rain that we saw really over the past hours, so it's pretty much moved out. At this point. The rain is light. And honestly, I would say probably within 5 to 10 minutes. It looks like it will be completely gone. Reporting from college Park. Kevin Refuse Wdbo, one of 73 FM and am 5 80. This is Wdbo. Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather and traffic. I'm meteorologist George Walden Burger another hot day but watching the chance of scattered showers and storms through dinner time. I am updating changes, though, to our forecast our rain pattern in the days ahead details coming up a cool 77 with some rain in Orlando Lake Mary Heathrow, also seeing some showers as Kevin mentioned things beginning to clear up pretty well. Everywhere else. I'm Tony Marino more live local and loud coming up in minutes. Speaking in Lakeland, this morning governor to Santa's reacting to the killing of four people inside of a central Florida home over the weekend. This is an outrageous crime. This guy was totally off his rocker. It needs to have the full weight of the law brought down. Brian Riley, a former Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, is accused of killing, killing the four people and wounding an 11 year old girl early Sunday morning. Officials say the girl is now in stable condition after being shot several times to Santa's also proposes offering a $5000.

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