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Is the outgoing surgeon general vivek murthy oh yeah so he had started this program i don't i don't even if it's still around but it was so cool we i met all of these other indian american students and we kind of did a training in florida and then spent the summer in delhi doing hiv education in middle schools for students and it was a great experience i was maybe twenty one okay is my like junior year junior summer junior summer and say the school can the program is called visions ogre visions worldwide whose role point yeah and then actually you know now that i'm saying that i did go back one other time i had been living in london for couple of years after grad school and was about to move to san francisco and thought you know this is one time in my life i've sort of quit our jobs we're about to move to san francisco we've got this break where we have no obligations and at least in distance or a little bit closer to india from london than we would be if we were here so let's go and so call in and i went for a month and traveled around indiana at that point both of us had come to business school and if north and south we went to bomb bays kind of middle and south but both of us had a lot of indian students in both of our grad school programs and so.

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