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At the exotic, Ohs and Pinella as Carlotta straight, Vena, and sort of this whole sector of, of Mexican liquor libra, which is originally kind of rooted in homophobia. But now it's been kind of fought for his space for gay men to be Oakland with sexuality and, and voodoo catch which is wrestling in the Congo where the us magic in the ring. Whoa. Shot africa. That's amazing. Democratic Republic Congo is more popular than anywhere else in the world like they show W w e in some form of edited package. Everything down EV and everywhere I went, because I'm falling bearded, people would be like, hey, big go Big Joe, Damian, I'm nowhere near big shows that about six one. Okay. They would be really impressed when they saw the route. Who is, you know. Well, K fehb seven foot, two in real life, probably six foot nine Gargano, but still gargantuan, confirm now real quick. The reason I thought to call you right now at this point in the show. And by the way, you can go catch up with all the episodes of the wrestlers on the vice land app on your Roku, or your apple TV, and you watch next week on vice land. Wednesday night. Ten o'clock ten o'clock in the episodes at eleven o'clock. Okay. I'll next week. I thought about you right now because we were just talking about the fact that evolve one thirty one is gonna be there, tenth anniversary is going to air on the WWE network and the first episode really focuses a lot on Volve. Are you surprised at all that this move is happening or based on what you observed in heard? Are you not surprised that the relationships that's wrong with WWE and that they would air, potentially like this on the WB network? Logically been partly the pun in this case. But all being been where it's been going, I think, you know, took this through the WWE recognize games Polski for kind of the town's coat that he is. Like if you look at the top of the car for the last ten years longer, even it's been, you know, gave Polke people that have come through the bulk at some point through our wager. Now through all though. Yeah. Just kind of make sense logical progression. Also, you focus a lot on Darby Allen episode one as well. Right. And now he is popping up in, you know, just how to match with Moxley has a big pay per view match coming up with Cody Rhodes. What do you think the ceiling is for Darby? Watched his career is only like three years deep at this point, when we first met him, we were shooting that of all thing, it was almost one year to the day that he started at evolve, and you've got this crystalline yo and he's just people that very few wrestler speak to, and that's like a certain type of fan that doesn't necessarily identify with, you know, even like thrall or someone like that. Like this is someone who, who speaks to the real threat of underdogs of the world. And I think he's got a huge future in front of the Phillies willing to in the ring. If you can survive you've got a huge future in front of him because I've seen him nearly died several times point, it was scary. Just watching the episode frankly not, not just the wrestling part. I mean, just him and his people on skateboards was scary enough to watch what? What? What was, what was the, the craziest or most fascinating thing. You observed doing the show, the wrestlers vice lamb where you, you, you went to different places all over the world to see how they do. Wrestling, what was the craziest thing you saw? Congo breath. We in the Congo. The these magic in the magic varies..

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