Labor Department, Rebecca Farrell, Colorado discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Had a role in what's happened here. And that there is certainly blame to be shared. Cole says he will be glued to the address tonight, and and pay attention to the whole thing. I've spoken to others though, particularly in a younger demographic who say they're burned out and the state of the union is not going to register for them at all tonight. Reporting live in Denver, Connor schrief KOA NewsRadio. The guest list is a highlight of the speech, Colorado democrat members of congress Jona goose and Diana the GATT, we'll both be bringing a couple of Dhaka recipients one is a kindergarten teacher. The other is a CS use student majoring in chemical and biological engineering. Well, you can hear that speech starting at seven o'clock tonight live coverage of the state of the union and the democratic response by Stacey Abrams, then at nine instant reaction in your. Phone calls with talk show host Michael Brown, only on KOA NewsRadio a trail runner healing up after a very close encounter with a mountain lion. This happened at horse tooth mountain park. Colorado parks and wildlife spokesperson Rebecca Farrell attacked by a wild cat on the trails at Westridge trail on horseshoes mountain open space. The victim did survive the attack in his currently undergoing medical treatment at a local hospital. Farrell says the man suffered scratches and puncture wounds to his face legs arms. And back officials say the mountain did not mountain line did not survive the attack, but it's unclear as to exactly how the big cat died. The Colorado department of labor has until next Monday to decide if it should intervene into contract negotiations between Denver public schools and the teacher's union before that decision comes the executive director of the department is urging both sides there have just one more meeting with governor police if the Labor Department steps in a possible strike could be delayed for up to one hundred and eighty days. The department says the last meeting between the district and the union turned into political theater, and it wasn't anything. With meaningful negotiations during that sit down union reps walked out after the district made a new proposal. Chad Hoffman KOA NewsRadio. It is. No secret that many public school teachers spend their own money for supplies in their classrooms now. Republican state Senator Owen hill wants to recognize that expense tax break. Why can't we just directly empower the teachers if they're going to do this? They shouldn't have to pay taxes on that money. His Senate Bill sixty would allow a deduction for amounts of two hundred and fifty to seven hundred and fifty dollars a committee hearing on the measure is set for this afternoon at the state capital. Not only was Sunday's Super Bowl a snooze fest for fans, it's also not a winner for the networks when the patriots beat the Rams Sunday night as heard on radio station..

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