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Everybody everybody has believed in him for a decade everyone of them give so i get it he's not those guys kevin garnett said about them right they are so he is he do know kevin garnett said about him a couple of couple years ago okay brace yourself race yourself this club oh great quote i always said jay green is going to be one of the best ever to play this game when you watch him play you see the glimpses that's a real quote by that i'm i'm telling you every single coach has felt that way and kevin garnett oh listen i walked into the grizzlies acquired him that dude started over zibo and tony allen in the same season that is kept on they were gonna find a way that that was going to work some way of trade right yes yes some way somehow they were going to make that work always not doing well at the three that will him at the four oh he's not doing it was never his fault and so everybody else it up like i'm talking guys that have their frigging jerseys in the raptors were bench for jeff green's don't get me started on him i remember when he was in boston what totally jeff period for no reason at all but when when when he was in boston i'm brad stevens at one point was talking about like jeff green's motor on the defensive end of the floor lately how can how when he locks he's one of the best defenders in the game but the question it's a matter of getting him the locking consistently just not going to happen it's just not who he is and i'm well aware that it exists though because.

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