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Mourners will gather in noon today for the funeral of Andrew Brown Jr. Black man shot and killed by deputies in North Carolina Starting tomorrow. Broward County, Florida will offer Cove in 19 vaccines and all of its high school campus is a move to encourage students to get vaccinated. They'll do this for eight days. A new AP poll finds that a majority of Americans agree the government should help people age in their own homes, not institutional settings. This is AP News We're told the U. S and Iran are in talks over the release of prisoners. The AP is Julie Walker reports. Iran State TV made the claim Sunday, which was swiftly shot down by U. S officials, but a person with knowledge of the discussions not authorized to comment. Said talks or active with go betweens passing messages. The deal, according to Iran TV is for the release of four U. S. Citizens, which they call spies in exchange for $7 billion and the release of Iranians held here, President Biden's chief of staff said yesterday. Unfortunately, the report is not true, but they are working to get them home. Iran TV is also reporting a separate deal is in the works with the UK for just over half a million for one of their citizens being held. I'm Julie Walker. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says President Biden's big spending plans will not fuel inflation because they'd phase in over 10 years. I'm Rita Foley. AP News India has recorded over 368 new coronavirus cases and over 3000 deaths in one day, Johns Hopkins University put the total death toll it over 218,000. The latest biggest comes 13 politicians have urged the government tact now by launching a free.

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