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You want it you need it. It's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show. Now here's Kevin. You're listening to the sports. Fix Today on a Thursday Tommy's here errands here and I am here and we had news last last night and the news was Anthony. RENDON is gone. You predicted it. You're the first to say think that Strasbourg will be back in. Probably not on Anthony Ren d-o-n so why isn't Anthony Rendon back Tommy well. According to the reports that came out of the winter meetings and San Diego that whatever offers that were made by the nationals including the typical learners deferred money offers and and supposedly random didn't want any part of that the offer that he he agreed to in in With the angels has no deferred money. It's the full mount whatsoever ever now the deferred money was fine for Sherzer. He was okay with it. Strasburg was okay with it. And then they tried to pitch this angle that Strasberg's deferred money any would give them a chance to sign anti Riendeau and I knew that was that was just a board fairy tale You know about you know that Strasbourg. Being the great great teammate was was gonNA get Anthony and the sign there but he's gone and really what the nationals did is. They chose a thirty one. One year old pitcher with Tommy. John Surgery History over a twenty nine year old probably the second best third baseman in baseball baseball about to enter his prime. That's what they did. Ya Buries her Luga mentioned to me this morning. You know he had the the report. In September number of of what the Nats had offered right Jones he wondered if teen million between two thousand fifteen for seven years with the deferred money not matching the level of different money Johny for harper more like the deferred money for sure and what we presumed to be the deferred money for Strasbourg but he said that he always felt like Anthony Rendova had one foot out the door while Strasbourg always had one foot in the door. And I don't know that anybody in buried wasn't necessarily able to explain Blaine specifically why other than maybe the the contract structure which you know according to come in was a problem for rent on But I to wonder why you know Anthony Reknown may have been you know sort of predisposed in his own mind to leaving Washington. You had mentioned to me and I I referred to this yesterday. I think on the radio show maybe on the podcast you said to me. I don't know as a year ago was before the baseball season. You said Anthony Rangoon's a person that doesn't like change. She doesn't like to be the center of attention. And by the way signing with the angels with another major superstar on the team and his Aaron pointed out the second most important baseball team even in the way that he is going to be very much sort of in the background even though he gets the big money he's not going to the expectations and the lime in the spotlight aren't going to be super a bright and and Super high so but you said to me. He's a guy that doesn't love change that he's sort of a creature of comfort and that you know that that may work in the nats favor that he won't WanNa leave this situation that he's become very comfortable in but ultimately why did he leave before we get to this the structure of the contract because maybe if they had offered him an aeronautical style deal money-wise with not you know significant or with no deferred money. Maybe he would have substate. But do you think it was more than just the money or the contract structure you know I mean. It's just so speculative at this point his best friend on the team that since he's been here was Daniel Murphy and he saw Murphy go from New York to Washington to Colorado so he seen his best friend move around. He realized that that that's the way that's the business of baseball. It's not the end of the world and went when you move from one team to another I'm sure He probably took some advice from Daniel Murphy in that sense but You know ran. Condone is is such a strange cat the nationals did all they could to try to connect him to the community by making him the designated aided player to be on the board of directors for the Youth Academy and figured that you know maybe you know like making him part of that community the effort would give him more ties but he just he just. He's always been a distant kind of player. I mean you know. He's come out and said he he doesn't WanNa play more than five or six years even though he just signed a seven year deal So he's he's a different kind of cat who You know when when when you talk to him. He's great to talk to but he doesn't like to talk to you. You know in in that sense now. Here's the other thing thing. Is this a deciding factor. No I'm sure absolutely not but if I were to angels and I were selling Anthony Ramdan. Anti Randolph is a devout Christian. He did an interview with with a minister earlier this year. That said he wants to be known as more more of a Christian than a ball player. So it's very important him. This was his connection with Murphy both devout Christians. Well he's going. He's going to wonder under the Christian capitals of the World Orange County and L.. It is I mean. This is where the mega churches were built. That's where the crystal the Robert Shore our power came from also a very conservative county. Yes but it's very I mean this is. This is where the mega churches were born in Orange County. And I'm sure you know it didn't hurt. If you're the angels to sell him on that but ultimately it was probably the money I mean it was probably the money but I mean. Are you surprised that it was the angels and not the Rangers like some work at home. Yeah I am because I thought I thought the Rangers had I mean it turns out that you know Arne Merano went to the At at the end at the winter meetings he owner of the angels really wanting Anthony Rendong really wanting to make the move form. I didn't expect at that I'd say if it wasn't for him. The Rangers probably would have been the front runner. Now I might want to point out that the nationals had two thousand nine hundred ninety ninety nine days to sign Anthony Ren d-o-n without anybody else competing with right. So do you give how much he do you you can. Do you give the learners for getting this done a lot. I mean you know the minute. Bryce Harper signed with Philadelphia. The next stay they should signed Anthony Rendell. They weren't aggressive enough. No they when they when there was no angel to talk to know Rangers to talk to him. They they they just they just treated it like a typical learners negotiation and people will say well you know I mean look even Rizzo had some and questions about investing a lot of money and rendall and I know in spring training I had heard that renaissance wanted Jose altuve money and the nationals and and and the front office balked at that. But I mean at that once Harper left there was more to signing ringtone than just whether or not he was worth the money. You knew he wasn't going to be a bust. He had played long enough and had performed well enough particularly in the year. Before where you a new year money wouldn't be wasted. I mean you might be paying more than you think you should for at the time maybe twenty five home runs and one hundred. RBI is and and maybe it to ninety average but he wasn't going to be a bust. Okay the nationals overpaid a ridiculous amount of money to bring Jason Jason Worth The Washington for reasons other than baseball. I mean that's the whole point of the word signing was a signal to the rest of the of were surly industry that we're serious about one so they've done it before they've overspent money before on a player for reasons other than baseball. They needed to do that again with Rando now the you know the nationals Two of their three number one picks from two thousand nine two two thousand eleven have walked away Bryce Harper and Anthony Ren Don I I think the learners you know made a mistake their their payrolls high they spend money but you know they had an opportunity to bring back the team that was arguably the best team in baseball From the end of May on last year was yeah and then and like my point out a chance to build something here that would make the Washington nationals the premier franchise in all baseball not the Yankees. Not The dodgers not the red sox. I mean you know what's better than one world series two world series. Why not three world series? You know why not why not think bigger why not think about. We've got an opportunity here. We have right now a great baseball team. That's together and we have a chance to bring them back next year and and without a one thousand nine hundred thirty one start. Maybe this time so I just think it's a lack of vision. It's always a lack of vision when it comes to these people. It's a bottom line mentality and a lack of being an a lack of boldness envision as you were talking I was thinking Ed. Hey I agree with you That you know that they should have been more bold. They should have had more vision and they could have gotten a deal. That was probably probably favorable for them. That would look great today. Yes you know a similar fashion. I'm not making an apples to apples. Comparison parison with Kirk cousins. All right I'm not doing that. Ren Dones a superstar and champion. I understand that but it's the same lack of vision. The redskins had with cousins. They could have gotten him on the cheap essentially you know and it would have looked really good down the road but as you were talking about the learners you know it occurred to me that these are people who first of all are very financially disciplined. And they've got a philosophy financially and when it comes to operating this team they've had a philosophy financially and the worst time to tell someone like that to think differently is right after they won. Yes it is. So they're not going to all of a sudden change the way they do business after winning the world series in fact there's probably something in them that says we'll show again no harper last year. No random this year this is the way we do business and we'll figure it out more when it again next next year. I'm I'm sure they're probably agree with me. That that's the moment where you need to step on the gas even even more definitely when you're leading the race but people who are conservative. You know financially in very disciplined. It's hard to shake Jacomb from their spot especially when they're having success and they've had success in business they've had success in baseball and now there are champion in baseball. Also you're not going to get them off their game. The only thing that I would say is first of all. They should have had the vision and should've seen earlier. Yeah and done something about it but when you have that kind of financial philosophy and discipline you know you can coming off a unique circumstance. A unique unique win which is the world series which with it brings increased revenue unexpected increased revenue unexpected increased valuation nation in your franchise value. That maybe then you can just come off your market a little bit and say you know what let's go forward again. And this guy's crucial crucial to it and so maybe we do veer off the path here that we've always stuck to because we just did something that was utterly unique for totally a unique for us which is win the whole thing and baseball and.

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