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Shower but most areas will stay dry we'll see a low, down to sixty six later on today mostly. Cloudy there will be a couple of showers around much of the day though will be dry. High seventy eight mostly cloudy tonight with a shower around low sixty five Wednesday mostly. Cloudy a few more showers high Wednesday eight sue but Thursday. And Friday generally looked dryer we'll have a partly. Sunny sky both days and highs running in the eighties I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson on WW, Jade is running your nine fifty currently it's. Cloudy and seventy one four metro airport partly cloudy skies. For the city word sixty nine degrees for Ann, Arbor it's mostly clear and sixty four we update traffic and, weather, together Every ten minutes on the to the. Newswatch always on free you News Radio nine fifty WGN. News time twelve twenty terrible stories from the wildfires out, west in California at Bledsoe. Recalls the last, phone call he had with his wife and two grandchildren. Who all died in the car, fire raging in northern California CBS. News correspondent Carter Evans reports this man's story is absolutely heartbreaking. He told. Me how he only left his home not far from here on Thursday for a few minutes to run, an errand it was about fifteen minutes later when he got, a frantic, call from his wife, saying the, fire, was, at their back door I was only. Going about fifteen minutes when my wife called me and you gotta get here. The fires coming. Up the hill Ed. Bledsoe says he had no idea. His home was in danger when, he left his, wife melody with their two great grandchildren ages four and five hours talking. To my little rant on the. Phone he's saying we're poll please You gotta come in hill was. Fires at, the back, door I said I'm right by hold on Grandpa's common but. He says the road was blocked, with cars in the flame stopped him from returning. On foot died right there with their that important to me Fire officials near reading expanded their evacuation orders Sunday more than thirty eight thousand people. Have been forced to flee their homes since? Thursday. Officials. Say the fire. Is now threatening communities. Outside of Redding at Bledsoe's home is, one of more than eight hundred fifty structures that. Have been destroyed did you get any sort. Of evacuation warning nothing absolutely not a word nobody told us nothing if I'd had any kind of warning. I'd never ever left my family in that health he said he didn't hear any, vac-vacation warning we're looking into that Shasta county sheriff Tombo Sankoh says his department, did tell people living reading to evacuate they're investigating to see if the. Bledsoe home got, a warning call or a door not and, the area's both before the Bledsoe home. And after the Bledsoe home. There was evidence that notifications, are made for the door to door, notifications now with authorities say one of the people who was killed. Ignored evacuation orders and authorities are, facing another problem here as well looting so far Three people have been arrested, including one man in camouflage and carrying a loaded gun according to police. About CBS correspondent, Carter Evans reporting we'll get a market preview, from the Bloomberg business desk in two. Minutes WSB j news time. Twelve twenty three Start eight, July thirty first On a clear autumn, night in eighteen forty seven Maria Mitchell excused herself from. Party at her father's house the twenty nine year old librarian then climbed onto the roof and scan. The skies with a telescope. Observations revealed a small object she hadn't seen before a comment as a time discovering a. Comet was a big deal so Mitchell's find brought many accolades including a gold medal. From the king of Denmark the discovery also made her a celebrity and kicked off a career in which she became the first American woman to. Serve as a professional astronomer Mitchell was born two hundred years ago tomorrow in the whaling village of Nantucket her parents were Quakers who believe that both boys and girls should get an education sell Mariah. Attended school during the day and at night her father taught her astronomy, after, she discovered miss Mitchell's comet, the navy's. Nautical Almanac office hired her to help with astronomical calculations and. She became the first female member of the American Academy of arts and sciences in the eighteen fifties she became the first woman ever to enter. The Vatican observatory although it took a couple of weeks of cajoling together inside at the end of the civil war Matthew Vassar was planning a new women's college in poughkeepsie New York and the first. Faculty member he hired was Maria Mitchell making her the first female astronomy, professor, in the country We'll have more about that tomorrow Starting WW Jay is made possible by Cranbrook institute of science metro Detroit explores the natural wonders of, the universe through changing exhibits programs and planetarium shows Now a Bloomberg business report from the suburban Cadillac Buick business desk Federal Reserve Board policymakers opened a meeting in Washington today economists think central bankers. Will keep, interest rates unchanged until their September, meeting the June reports on personal income and. Consumer spending will be out before the markets opened this morning Chad Morgan Lander at Washington crossing adviser says the numbers, will not alter the Fed's thinking we. Don't think the economic data points from income spending or inflation. Trends will push the fed to raise their expectations become. More aggressive on raising interest. Rates the fed has indicated rates will. Be raised one or two more times this year Morgan Lander says the rate hike expectations could be cut back if economic conditions. Change for the worse the, Conference Board's, consumer confidence, index will be released after the start of. Trading on Wall Street case Schiller's report on home prices also on the way today apple Pfizer Hyatt hotels and Ralph Lauren are among companies Scheduled. To post quarterly results today I'm.

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