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We're all single. I didn't I say I said the Valley I was like you're going to love her. You are GonNa love her. You'RE GONNA WANNA be friends by building. Some people hate me. It's okay I was looking very bye-bye but got a shriek of art. Forget how much pure emotion. We're all feeling because she lets it out. But we're we're taught to hide it. Man I feel bad for you guys. I feel bad. I was just talking about how people like steal the essence of black women. Because there's nothing funnier. Absolutely absolutely there is something about oppression that makes people funding. I know I know I'm not breaking new ground here. Look at what what every gay got so many gay guys. They're doing black women. Good choice stole it from us and now they have owned it and they're doing it. Better actually got so much better after you. Joyce Payne breeds comedy. It's the same thing. Yeah it's the same the comets. We know that a lot of what we went through is why we're funny right. Says you got to do something to make the day pass right. Which is why the the suburban white kid growing up and listening to hip hop makes a lot of sense to me? Actually because he's looking for some struggle. Yeah you mean like he's looking for or she is luther sort of identity yes the identity. Makers why is the door open. This is this is this is not a new thing. Well he's coming to see. Oh that goes back to the babies. That's what I mean. So when the door was open and the dog was barking yes my baby would have gone. You know what I'm saying and that was your version of the baby coming out experience. That's what I'm saying. It's a wonder that any of us are doing as well as we're doing. No because we are all screaming babies on the inside and like even the guy that's like he's still doing better than a baby and he is feeling the baby is feeling I mean on the on the inside absolutely Louis but at least with an adult you can communicate so you have. That's why that's why you said better than the baby because at least we have the car keys we can go drive somewhere or go them for your surging charging sometimes if that helps you work stick to the hits Jingling keys. I hate you so much. No you're right. That's what my therapist uses A. It was like you have a car. It was like you can get like whenever you'd be a weird situation to the ocean. Don't jump in and don't don't do that weird of all all the ways of killing herself. The I'm going to swim can't swim back now. That's horrible what are you doing. That sounds awful. You WanNa die a cold pool of blackness. I'm I'm going to do it at night just to really. That's my worst is being swept away by the ocean dude and also will actually at thought. It was my worst fear until I saw gravity. Gravity did you see gravity with Sandra bullock. The Ocean in the sky. Yes Sky Ocean is what they should have called me when she's flipping when George Clooney. He still out compete. Floating is cold enough that he preserved so he still looks like cleaning. Say he has an aged. You know the next time you watched gravity the next time you watch a movie. You're like you're back in your we need to know how like he's in like a Coen brothers Mooney like how did you get back. There's there's a part of your brain that's like. Let's say you were floating into the abyss. Forget this movie. I WanNa know how you got back to his ship. That is the only clooney role that ever resonated with me. I understand the Clooney Clooney. Clooney's him he's handsome. He does the job. But there's nothing that I've seen him do. That's like damn that was fantastic and memorable I think claiming those. He didn't mean to interrupt but I was so excited to agree with you. Even though I recognize clooney as a national treasure that he is absolutely UAE. You ever do that all the way. Why do we know who they they are all the time? Twenty one jump street I was like why are we. Know channing. TATUM is you know why he's great by the way I like it. I think he's Super Fun. I think he's funny. He's not just like passing funny no like some. He's got some taps when handsome muscular started making their way into comedies. Not everyone can do it in June any fires I say shoot any fires. I don't even know what that means but I know what you meant. Shots fired is what they'll yeah so. I don't WanNa shoot any fires good. Looks and comedy don't normally mic. That took a while for the rock. It did take a while and then he figured it out out he did but it's a very generous world for the rock where they're like we'll give you twelve movies. Figure it out and then he's like wait a minute wait a second now. I got it nineteen years in Vinnie. Vin Diesel. Like two two and they were like embiid and he's gone. He took his. He replaced him. He's like diesel. He's diesel to point out and then diesel cast him in fast. Furious away then up to diesel to do that. I believe is the diesel makes that franchise route. I think he's the executive producer. Oh he was a good Miami and he brought. I can't do. I don't I wouldn't even know where to begin. He's is one of the people I don't. I can't do an impression of I. Really don't know what he sounds like. He's a bit clean. Why do we know who he is? except I fear nothing that he's done that memorable but what is cleanse. It's fast fear to tell you right now for me is gravity was the only movie that I really was like. I remember like I couldn't I reference that movie because because it made me feel I felt field speak in that role with him. Yeah it is the greatest pain. I'm quoting you too. Yeah I'm quoting you to be Robinson I'm quoting you to Phoebe. Loves you too that Shit. She's a black woman who loves you too. That should be on our business card. I think we've met like once who phoebe me and Phoebe. Yeah what do you mean like in your rubbed off on her in one minute. Yes we've only had the pleasure of working together like once I was saying. was she on dirty. Time with David spade dirty. That's a much better name the name when I saw the slogan because you write for dirty time on the on the poster was sliding into your. PM's and I was like personal messages. It's direct messages. You're such a day yours. Do you think kids know am PM. They're just just out there fucking shape and fingering each other. Oh absolutely they all all the hours blend there on military humility eight hundred by the way if your phone is on military time you think you're better than me can I found is it is. But here's why because he was in Argentina are hidden. Tina have you been. Have you been. No I've been to South America. Okay what part Peru. I was where there was a Brazil Venezuela Venezuela only city. That sounds like a beata starting. Because what you asked him to do that. Name is why we have d'appel that is the only the only reason rhythm came from Caracas. And I'll take it. Have you been to I went to. I went there because my nephew was studying abroad. He was in Buenos heiress which they call be a do they. I don't know if they all do but my nephew and his friends call the Ba da. And he was getting his BA in yes NBA and bachelor. Actually of studies. Science is what I I don't know but I have one. Oh but I have one so I should know what it is bachelor of Science Bs. It is complete waste at the time. Yeah went to your family. Do you know because you see like you went to school. That's nice of you. I totally ready for you to be because you the community college getting high school. It was like what why we were all like. I'm going to be a millionaire here by the time you.

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