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The Mohegan us. And Mohegan, very warlike. The Montauk it's weren't they were farmers. But they would come across in raid and that went on for ever. So you're correct in the sense there was no security the native Americans had no security at all that at any time they could be attacked by the white man or by other Indian tribes in fact, customer had Indian Scouts. When he foolishly went into crazy horse's realm. He had tribes at hated the Su-. Working with him. So it was a complicated thing but the overarching is that native Americans for centuries have lived the lifestyle some of them were more share and some of them were hunters. All right and they didn't have a permanent. They didn't settle cities. We're GONNA cities when it was cold they went south when it was hot, they went north and they hunted and they provided, but they were basically nomadic. and. Then when they had this huge influx of especially after the railroad, Abraham Lincoln was the guy that nailed. The transcontinental railroad wants the railroad started and all these thousands of people started to come off to Indian lands and do whatever they wanted to do. You can imagine if you were a native American chief and your people looking at you going, what are you? GonNa, do you GonNa let this happen and that was what ignited most of these conflicts? So she put him in the title. What is your take on crazy horse? Very. Very interesting man. He was not the chief. Sitting bull was the chief. Of the Sioux nation. Sitting we'll never fought. Did you know that Mr Speaker? No I did not. Nobody does sitting bull. Fought a battle. He was the big Kahuna. And he was the guy who would direct. The tribes crazy horse was the minister of war. They actually used that title. And he was a brilliant tactician. And we take you through a lot of his campaigns before the ultimate. Little bighorn fight. And crazy horse just outsmarted the US. So much. So that US grant a general himself while he was president. Said who is this guy? We're sending out garrison after garrison after garrison to rein him in, and he's beating the hell out of us every time we confronts him. and. So nobody knows that nobody knows how brilliant a military mind crazy horse was. And his relationship with sitting bull, and then there was coaches who is brilliant man. Did. You know that nobody knows where he's buried he was never defeated. In. Arizona coach, he's the chief of the Apache nation they never caught him. And he died and it was like an ancient pharaoh they buried him somewhere in the superstition mountains and to this day nobody knows where his grave is. These are the kinds of stories I telling killing crazy horse and people going really why didn't know that nobody knows it because it's really never been presented to the American people how our country was forged..

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