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The giants in rockies are ready to play the finale of this threegame series in the rockies with a chance to sweep the giants for the giants bruce multi pointing at this is a big game number one to avoid being swept by a divisional rival but also a win will inspire the two losses yesterday and the day before would give the judge an excellent road trip four and two road trip if they can win this game he'll be andy suarez who will take them out for the giants suarez you pitched here on memorial day another holiday and although he gave up a threerun homer in the very first inning of that game he rebounded very nicely gave up only one on earned run after that and ended up going five innings eighty seven pitches and just those three earned runs allowed and the giants ultimately lost that game in the tenth inning to the rockies so suarez will try to be the stopper for the giants and he'll be opposed by the lefthander tyler anderson anderson who has not had a particularly strong year he's got a four point two three era and his in this ballpark is above five anderson nonetheless pitched one of the best games any rockies starter has thrown all year he went eight shutout innings at dodgers stadium last friday and the rockies won that ballgame three to one ultimately the run scored by the dodgers against the bullpen not against anderson he's got an excellent cutter it can be real tough on right handed hitters the giants with a couple of changes in the lineup as brandon crawford is being given a day of rest as is pablo sandoval kelvin tomlinson was recalled for the minor leagues and he'll get the start at third base pierce johnson the right hander who was not going to be available tonight anyway after throwing thirty pitches here last night has been set back to sacramento now the national anthem sponsored by the san mateo credit union full service.

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