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Herrick leased didn't know how long it had been since he'd come to the land of the dead the sky never changed. It was always the same shade of Dim Gray for all he knew it might have been months since he'd I laid eyes on the realm of the dead or even years in all that time he hadn't eaten or drank he was exhausted starving and he would have given his left. Foot just to lay in the sun for one minute, he'd wandered through the stingy and marsh where the souls of unhappy lovers wailed finally among the stinging weeds and bubbling mud. He'd passed through the Asheville Meadows of field of colorless flowers where pitch-black cows wandered among the lonely Cyprus trees. Finally, he had come to the plane of judgement were a great black palace loomed above the Mesa like thundercloud on the horizon. In the world of the living people didn't dare mention the Lord of the dead by name they called him you Boulia's giver of Good Advice. Now, herrick lease was not only going to come face to face with Haiti's he was going to ask him for a favor. When he reached the grand entrance to the House of Hades, he was not surprised to see the brass doors standing open. The giver of good advice was expecting him. Herrick lease made his way up a long flight of black marble steps at the back of the hall to figures stood by dwindling fire herrick lease a them when they turned around. Herrick. Lease recognized for seventy but not the man next to her he had a thick graying beard and the penetrating stare of someone who does not suffer fools herrick lease realized that this must be Haiti's Herrick Leigh's bowed deeply hades addressed him in a booming voice why do you intrude upon us? Herrick lease looked up into his eyes for the first time in his life. He had trouble finding his voice after a moment of stammering he managed to calm his nerves enough to speak. I came for a favor. Herrick, lease glanced at per sesame whose lips had curved into a knowing smile he continued I meant to bring your dog to the court of my cousin Uresti us. I would not do it against your will. So I've come for your permission. Haiti's expression was unreadable. He turned towards the fire and replied. You were wise to do. So the last man who stole from me has been rolling the same boulder up a hill ever since. Haiti's continued I will grant your request but no, this cerberus must not eat the foods of the living they hurt his stomach you are not to use any weapon against him only your own brute strength. If you permanently harm my dog, you will face agony like nothing in all of heaven and earth. Herrick lease felt his stomach clench. It wasn't using his bare hands that scared him. He defeated the Nieminen Lion without weapons. What worried him was the fact that he would have to bring the dog. Unharmed he'd never done that before gentleness was not one of his talents. He side at least he would have the journey back to the river sticks in which to come up with a plan. He accepted the conditions. Haiti's lips twisted up into a crafty smile. He replied very well. I. Look Forward to seeing how you do against my hound. He snapped his fingers and an instant the palace fell away. Herrick lease felt as if he had landed face first on a stone slab, he rubbed his stinging cheeks and looked around. He was back at the marsh near the river sticks. He stood up to his ankles in mud and twenty feet ahead of him pawing at the ground as it prepared to charge were the drooling snarling heads of cerberus. COMING UP CERBERUS turns the full force of his fury on an unprepared herrick lease. In a world where CATNIP is plentiful and every room has crashing post something spooky is lurking. Premiering. Sixteenth temptations, productions presents the stuff of cat nightmares. The first ever horror movie for cats scaredy cat. 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Herrick lease waited the dog stalked back and forth in front of him the Hound was at least ten feet tall. Each of its three heads was at least as big as the entire body of an average dog. Its muzzle was stained red with blood and it's white fangs drift with drool that burned black. INTO WHATEVER IT touched. It's matted fur writhed hundreds of snakes each one a different species a cobra poked out from behind one of its ears and a diamond pattern rattlesnake lashed out from its haunches. The snakes were thickest around the dog's necks were they formed a kind of squirming multicolored main herrick pulled his cloak tied around his chest. It was made from the impenetrable skin of the nemean lion at the very least it would protect him from the snakes. Herrick lease gritted his teeth and called out. Here. Doggie Doggie. CERBERUS made a low growl like rolling thunder the dog crouch down on its haunches. Then with a series of barks like cracks of lightning serb-areas leaped into the air speeding toward the hero. Herrick, lease duct, and.

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