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Hey. Welcome to Keith. And the girl I'm Keith Malley Hamda the other day come they recommended Adam Sandler special? Yeah. Are you nervous to say things like that out loud? It's called one hundred percent fresh in my friend. Adam said, I'm eight minutes in this is the dumbest thing of. Sailly scientific version as my best pal. And so I get nervous. And then Andrea today said she saw half of it and his loving it. Go Kay good. Yeah. That's that's high praise and doesn't give it to people. And I'm on. Here's where I am with Adam Sandler, he has four stand the Bible's, they're older. Now, they were all great for if not five the early movies were fantastic, Billy, Madison, happy Gilmore, and then the movies like we all know zero percent on rotten tomatoes. No exaggeration fully south watch. Yeah. It's like a child wrote them. And then I don't know. But now he's doing stand up doing some songs against. Let's see how this was I loved it. Now. What is funny is that he's definitely trying to start a catchphrase or nickname for himself. I love when you can see that. So clearly, and when I say love, I'm so embarrassed for you when that happened. He tells the thirty joke, and then he's like oh saying man, you did it again. And then five times later, he calls himself Sanmen. He's obviously trying to start. Something. Hannemann Adams the Middle East, the Sandman Sandler. So I picture like he goes into like he knocks on friends housing, the Sandman tears k Adam saying man say it, maybe his next movie is going to be called San. I'll no. But I don't think anybody's call them the sand. Man. Do you know that you started this with saying that it's the greatest and then you're giving me this shit? It's only seven times says it. Everything else is fantastic. That's pretty good. All right. Today's guest and there, and that ends our review Porsche Get. tell you. So you don't say. Our next guest, by the way, saw star is born and was loving that which I didn't really understand. And then she was breaking down. What don't you like about it? And I realized I don't like country music music, piano. Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, eat only, Bradley Cooper, Andrew dice, clay, not cursing. Feelings suicide bizarre things that well now, it's a spoiled. Now, it is I could have been saying anything. All right. Today's guests featured in the Huffington Post on the comedy album with my love Kyle called three's company comedy comedy, by the way. Do you regret that title because anybody getting it right or just I'm gonna set up time? I love I love the people get it wrong. And it adds it imprint into your cortex that way threes comedy. Will. I'm seeing you know what I was like why three's company going high on the charts? For telling us. Yeah. We did go high in the charts, by the way, we weren't number two. That's right, author of the book how to spy on your neighbor your survival guide for the United States of Russia. We need Vicky Cooperman. Thank you so much for having me. It's nice to see Vic. So your book came out about a year ago. Yeah. May came out the day Komi was fired may nine also Russian big holiday in Russia when they won World War Two because Russians claim everything and they say, okay, Vicki knows Russia's studied Russia. Maybe we can make a funny book out of this. And they probably need the turn around very fast fast, my best friend, and I co wrote it she's from the Ukraine, so she's a southerner, I'm a northerner cow. So I can't understand anything. She says she has an excellent that's fun. Just kidding understand her. We co wrote it where like it was inauguration day. We're like we gotta do something. This is crazy right and Russia. I just gotten in the eighties. It's like I just gotten over that. Like Russia was the villain the.

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