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To a conclusion that you cannot physically lift yourself up by your bootstraps. She's a bright woman. This one and Media. They lover, a lover. Don't they were at 88863096258886309625 is the Telephone number here. The big Senate runoff races in Georgia today. If you're in Georgia, what are you doing? Get out and vote vote. Republicans saved the republic Don't embarrass us all. And honestly, it's the Democrats do take over the Senate and the House of Representatives fairly narrow margin. And they'll have the Senate very narrow margin and then theory they'll have the White House If everything goes the way that it looks like the wind is blowing and calm a lot who the cackling loon why she cackling Why she cackling like that, you little girls what people think there's going to be a cool tomorrow over what to do. And then she cackles like a loon. And I think she knows what these words mean. Like cool. It's kind of a French word coo Coo Ki chu. Maybe she doesn't know what it means. That's possible. Amazing, amazing stuff. But they're talking about making Washington DC is state. I've lived in Washington D. C for a long time. Trust me, Washing DC does not deserve statehood. That have, like, you know, Governor Mousey Doug and our two senators would be Tex Watson from the men's and gang and the Reverend Al Charlotte in it would not enhance the United States American anyway to make Washington D C estate. You don't need super senators and super representatives and a super governor. Controlling the seat of the United States government that the founders were a little bit smarter than the average Democrat today, just saying when they started all this stuff out, they did it all with good reason, and there's very good reason. Washington D C to not become a state but to remain a federal district and has been hotly debated since long before I moved to Washington, D C and will be hotly debated long after I leave Washington D C. Which may be sooner rather than later had the rate at which things were going. But setting that aside I don't think there will be a coup tomorrow. I think it would be a pro Trump rally and and and and the D. C is called out the National Guard because peaceful protesters air coming for once and the violent leftist mob that smashes storefronts and loot. And attacks the police and burns historic churches. They're not coming tomorrow, and the idiot Democrat Mirror didn't call out the National Guard for that, In fact, if I remember correctly when President Trump talked about calling out the National Guard The media and the Democrats. But I repeat myself were screaming that it was fascism and totalitarianism and that that was a coup of some kind to me, and that was a good love. Everybody loves all this hysterical language, and there's there's no coup and the president calling out the military to protect the White House, which was under assault, like like was a medieval siege. It was smelly UNB aid till camp leftists who all voted for Joe Biden after voting for Bernie Sanders, largely in the first correct and voted for Hillary Clinton and voted for Barack Obama and all of that good stuff. But I die aggressive s. So we do have all kinds of stuff going on here that the big the big runoff elections for two Senate, both Senate seats and Georgia today, the Democrats planning on by hook or by crook, hammer and sickle. Getting, um, those two seats and gaining control of the Senate so they could make d C estate. Maybe make Puerto Rico is take the compact the Supreme Court. They compact, the federal courts they completely corrupt. All branches of government, which is their stated objective, Just by the way, they can defund the police so that you know your grandmother is unsafe. Everywhere she goes, and so are you. Just by the way, Amazing, Amazing Step here. We got great stories for had a bunch of different subjects today, including this. There's wonderful New Congress woman from Colorado who was just elected coming in for a first term. She's a regular person. Nice person. Lauren Bo Bert, Bert. Bert is her name and she was on the Fox News Channel today, the just early this morning. She, um, coming from Colorado. She's a pistol packin person in Colorado, and she's coming to D. C and D. C as she was quick to remind everyone is a lot more dangerous. Then where she comes from in Colorado, which is a lot less dangerous when it comes to criminals because fewer Democrats there, therefore fewer crimes, fewer Democrats fewer crimes. And it's a kind of ah, simple equation like that, and she's planning on packing heat. She packs a Glock and she's going to live in Washington, D. C. She's pointing out that she doesn't have armored vehicles and armed police like Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrat leadership on that leadership in Congress on both parties. On and Capitol Hill Police, U. S Capitol police protection and some of them with armored vehicles and and stuff, but she's a rank and file member of Congress. She doesn't get that, and she's a woman who is going to be walking from the capital can be a dicey neighborhood sometimes And she wants to pick her pistol. And then, of course, when she gets to the to the capital and the Capitol office buildings, she wants to be able to carry a pistol, too. Because she's like, Hey, it's constitutional right? It's right there. In the bill of rights. It's called the Second Amendment. Check it out on the member of Congress. I think I should be able to carry a pistol into the capital into my own office building. Instead of what leaving in the bushes outside after I walk after I walked from from my apartment and amazing stuff, and the Democrats and the media and the D C police chief whose brand spanking new They're all wagging their finger. Oh, you can't do that. Why? Because I'm a law abiding citizen and also for the she's got some fun stuff to say about it, and we have some audio. For you about her. The in Ohio. They signed a great bill yesterday that expands expands the governor there. Mike DeWine signed a bill with it expands your stand your ground rights in the state of Ohio. So they have already have a stand Your ground law in Ohio. Where.

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