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That is thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland and nurse whose DNA is linked to the sexual assault of an incapacitated woman at hacienda healthcare in Phoenix. She gave birth last month. Several in this part of a rap duo called sleepless soldiers. This morning. Phoenix police port a lot of resources into the hacienda healthcare case. But did it take away from other investigations on KTAR Jeremy foster chief Jerry Williams was asked that question on Ona's morning news a little while ago. We did set up many task force where he moved detectives from one place to focus specifically on this crime. But at the end of the day, our folks still come to work, they still get the job done, and they still take care of business volume says, they're not ruling out the possibility of more arrests or charges in this case, Jeremy foster KTAR news, President Trump has called off his state of the union address for now postponed. President Trump tweeting late Wednesday evening that will wait until the government shutdown his over to deliver his state of the union speech. This follows a day of dare double dare between house speaker Nancy Pelosi and the president President Trump's sending a letter to Pelosi that he was not going to take a recommendation to postpone the speech and was on track to head to the capital to deliver it on Tuesday Pelosi, then serving notice on Trump that he was disinvited from using the house chamber for the annual joint. Gresh leading Dave Packer. ABC news. Arizona Republican Senator Martha mcsally visited the border yesterday during you were almost four hundred migrants tunneled under the fence last week make Sally praise the border patrol agents who are working without paychecks during the government shutdown before catching a Red Eye back to DC we can solve this thing..

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