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Vote on likely tomorrow the senate could then move it pretty quickly is expected at this point to pass pretty overwhelmingly it orrick version of it already passed the senate ninety eight two to the white house said a few conflicting signals over the weekend but that seems to be more about their own sort of a to multan the communications office we're getting a signals this morning that the white house is prepared to sign the bill so this could be greece two sorted go all the way through now so it's not necessarily that one person didn't know what the president wanted in the other person it was just a is there seems to be anthony scaramucci maybe still are getting up to see the damage still early so now this point this is a bill that actually would be very awkward for the president did not sign if he tried to veto it it would have been a pretty big deal obviously given the overhang of the russia probe in particular but also the prospect of having his veto overridden pipe republicancontrolled house and republican now that does optics wouldn't work now that would not have been good farm selling braknis congress editor kevin whitelaw always my pleasure thank you thank you so much for joining us now coming up on bloomberg politics policy and power democrats and republicans are teaming up to lobby president trump on the importance of soft power politics that's right it's democrats and republicans working together this is symbolic partisan effort we'll tell you about it next this is bloomberg business it and the latest news affecting world markets powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in over a hundred twenty countries bloomberg radio.

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