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Grandma really know the lady that loves her up. She is currently on an indefinite hiatus because she's been bullied off of the Internet. Basically a lot of people just a toxic bad comments that our youtube channel interesting too much for her Internet bullying obviously fun thing. But you know she is taking her. You know own way and saying. Do you need a break from this because it is too much You know of course he's been told by people you know. Well Yeah Shrug it off like just. Don't pay attention to people like that. But like she says when you read these really awful things about yourself you know what celebrities do this idols do this whatever even not everyone has a strong backbone of some people. You know what I mean. And even those are the strong backbone. If you constantly were to read every day your voices ugly you look your ugly like you look like Shit. You're your contests bad. Your audio sucks. If you read that hundreds thousands of times a day on your channel and then like you go through days weeks of hearing that your ugly hearing that your voice is ugly and stuff like that not that this your always being an example here it obviously will catch up to you regardless of what people say especially those those who say the toughest usually the weakest plead and that's how that always ends up going You know jewelers hard asses are the most sensitive people on the Internet as we all see on twitter and stuff like that but come on man. She's like fucking like ninety years old or some shit like that. She's just trying to play her skyros. You know what I mean. She she talked about how you know prior to those kind of comments you know. She was always getting annoyed by backseat drivers and Shit like that. And otherwise. We're she's basically like people said they watch me play. I basically playing although I have an audience. I'm not really trying to appease this audience I'm just people said they WANNA watch we stream so I'm doing it or a making these videos because joined the game because I've learned the game. Not so you can tell me how to play sky like say it took me a while but I had to find a tweet because I saw a tweet going around where she actually said that she was doing it for health reasons but it wasn't as exaggerated apparently see. Yeah Yeah So. I don't know though the article here it says. Vg Two four seven yet but it does say here. She I if this is her. Actual town But she apparently tweeted at. Vg Two four seven stating quote. I don't know who you are where you get your ideas from. There was no onslaught of patronizing comments but he. I am scaling back my videos due to health most people only channel are very nice. Do wish you would delete. This would go away but I don't know like the whole validity of there but I have seen that going around right. I don't know my sources are destroyed in kacoos obviously there also journalists much more reputable than BG two four seven. Yes however however yeah well. They could be a possibility that it's not entirely true. We could be linking her reasons with the fact facts are a lot of congress under page. That'd be that'd be pushing away but yeah but yeah it's one of those things though. Where even if that is the case there are still a lot of contractors who are subject to this and it's one of those things where she's not okay she doesn't have eight thousand selves boat. An interesting thing that was pointed out is that she is. She definitely has the dedicated few. Now you'll see this a lot. You'll see PD by for example fucking billion subs but each video at three hundred thousand and wonder where the inflation of substance from where your dislike where your other one sees me your your other nine hundred your nine hundred seventy thousand other subs where the fuck are that. There are only three hundred thousand watching your videos now. I know someone's going to get mad at me. Like a million. Most my whole thing is I see billions of his at barely on any views. As one of those things just like laughable will happen. Obviously it's practice about video recipes videos but anyways the whole point is screened rabbis. But thousand views thousand subs but her videos usually only last or garner about four to five thousand of us. It's gotta it just shows you how hard the content creator life and struggle is. You know what I mean. I use US example. You have Some of our episodes which are in the hundreds of listens but with like zero comments or feedback at all. Kinda shows you how people are listening or watching to get engagement is really hard. It's why you'll have a video with like some of my videos. Have six thousand points of views but then had a thousand likes. It's it's kind of weird out of that. You know I always makes you wonder if the cringe endings. That some youtubers use the more mainstream contact greeters us does help but at the same time out of the bag for fuck license and subs not into that. So really quick Researching through the digging through the comments. Really because I did find somebody linked to the actual in as well So it does sound as though they they source it from a blog of hers so even though she did state there were like comments. It sounds like at least in some of these articles. their Exaggerate or like. It's a bit younger. So she's like so in that quote a tweet that an interesting word yeah She says there was no onslaught of it so even though she has received some. It's not as exaggerated US making out to be so fair enough. Yeah Yeah so. There's that guys this is why this why you should listen to us. So you can find out the latest in was for real and you don't end up like talking destructive or BG two four seven. You heard it here. Disconnect the cast a much more reliable source than those three Let's see no man's sky coming to Xbox Game Passover those who've ever wanted to check out that game it is go now.

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