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Side of things. Everything's been working great. And as you said, Yes, it's also It's really about how you interact off the track that helps you on the track. Especially thanks, Lois fast. No, that one is almost key and critical. Basic understanding of, you know, driving a formula car, any car that matter fast, So it's definitely one of those basic things but one of the basic things you have to understand very well. Yeah. You cook a set of tires. Dead in the first three or four laps, but the rest of the lab's we're going to be extremely difficult because I don't even think you're allowed to change tires in the race, are you No. So we don't do any pit stop during the race like you kind of seem IndyCar Formula One. But even during a race weekend, even this weekend, which is the formal afford festival where we have Qualifying Heat Rays semifinal and a final. You're a lot of two sets of tires. You could put them on a different points during the weekend, but you don't get anything more than those two tires. So you do have to take care of your tires and take care of your equipment. Him. Yeah, I Everybody said we're like a lot of fun. Well, it is only fun when it's over. It's not so fun when you're out there and you're trying to put all of that but all the marbles in a row because it's how many cars around the track with you at each race for both via Depends. So this weekend. The actual entry list is going to be estimated at about 70 plus cars in our class, but they're going to split us up in heat, so it's going to be our upwards of 70. So usually each heat is over. 2025 cars So in the grand final is going to be 30 32 plus cars in the field, so it's going to be a lot of cars and a lot of action. Is this one of the larger races you guys have been in Absolutely. How will you Jackson For? Sure. This is It definitely been the biggest race all partaking, But just this week I was looking at it the other day. The amount of racing I'll get in the next five days is definitely the most about attract time I've had in one of it in my entire life will be on track for five days in a row, and each day we'll get quite amount of testing. And then racing each pittance each day. So by the end of it, we're going to be exhausted and then we got two days to rest up and do it again at Silverstone. So you're not going out at night? Having a great time. It doesn't sound like, unfortunately, not too much. We have a job to do. And we're both very focused. But with covert and everything we have to be very careful in what we D'oh. So tonight. We actually we're eating in and we got our food and sitting right in front of us. I got a big fat burger jacking up some pasta and we got some diet Pepsi here, so we're about to rock and roll. All right. I'll go. And to think that you You two go on one of the most historic race tracks Brands hatch those people that would give anything to be able to be in your shoes right now. So hopefully you guys and I know you are. You're taking this With all of the honor that you could imagine, because I know this has been one heck of a ladder for you guys to climb. To get where you're at. And I wish you guys all the luck. It should be an awesome we get. So next week. Let's do another call in and let's let's talk about how you guys did good. Awesome. Thank you very much. Yes. This truly is a great opportunity. And it's all thanks to people like Jeremy Shaw on Team USA. They do a great job putting this on so Thanks to them and low density racing. All right. Well, I gotta let you go, right? Nothing worse than a cold cheeseburger. Take care guys. Take care. Thank you. And now a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance. Ready? Go. Oh, hi. Okay. Guess we should talk about something. Kind of have to be put on the spot. Not sure what to say. But I know what I'm definitely not talking about versus Mr Progressive could say big..

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