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Well. Let's get back to the Great Gildersleeve our water commissioner assured his honor, the mayor of the support of the junior thinkers of Summerfield, but they had thoughts of their own their backing the one man Gildersleeve. There's Rumson Bullard. Where does that leave our hero? Right in the middle of usual. So. What did you say? Nothing much. Nice of you to walk down your old uncle. Well I couldn't pass up the sale at Hogan brothers. We need so many things before the baby arrived. We have to get ready for the baby. Need any money I think I have. To Take it while I. What a commission as well could run dry. By. Thanks you? I'm sorry, Broncos, club isn't supporting mayor to Welker specially since you told them they would. I'll he does that. Put you in a bad position. You. Can explain it to the mayor cashiers I'll try. Iran along. The baby with your five dollars I am a book that somebody should have bought for me. To win friends and influence people. Hanky and good luck. I hate to face. and has to be done. I think yesterday we were such good pals laughing joking together. Say. Were probably still. We've had our ups and downs before, but he's always giving me. Just, my my son-in-law, the thinking people won't support it. He'll understand. What a? Little. You're. There is eight. Drag more vigorously, you'll paypal attendant. Mr Mayor Your honor. Look at me like that I know I promised that broncos. Club would support you, but you predictable youth. Is You believe that? Don't you Mr Man? I will vote for Bullard. I'm stuck with you, I mean. I'm sticking with you like we agreed. We did agree on that anyway. Say something. I. Don't say something Gildersleeve. Out. You mean you're not going to appoint WANNA commissioner. Free I wouldn't point you dogcatcher group. What am I heard that before?.

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