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The fourteen yard line. Time to go through his progressions seven yard loss. I was on me. I jumped the gun on that one. But we'll also jumped the quarterback seven and a half sacks for him. So far. Can we say the best lions defensive lineman here with giants? Snacks and Romeo closer to good to good editions. Lambeth be great. If they're give it up to guys who are best to he had one sack is entire time with New York. So I whatever this system is Patricia and Bob Quinn saw something in him. And and he fits this smelly that I think I think you have to give props to Patricia staff. The defense to me is is markedly better than it was last absolutely still has a lot of holes. Let me get to Matt Patricia right now this interview with the head coach brought to you by our home solar the official partner of the Detroit Lions American-made solar solutions, proud and affordable. We talked about that game lot of opportunity early. But they couldn't take advantage. Yeah. No doubt. I mean, I think for the first twenty six minutes or so there I think we did a good job of kind of trying to control the game on the defensive side of the ball. Offense. Was you know, struggling to move the ball, which was good offensively. For us thought. We had some good movement. And some of our drives just need to finish some of those at the end and and try to come away with a little bit more points than just feel gross. And you know, maybe that would have made a little bit of a difference. But in the end. We've got a handle the situation before the half better. And we get a handle on the second half. Just come out and finish the game off the way we need to a tight game. And we knew that going in the second half. We're going to have to play well, and they made a few more plays. And we didn't we're able to kind of turn it their direction some of the specifics on the defensive side of the ball. There were some really good things early. I four drives they were three and out. What jumped out at you? As you watched on tape that you would want to see them carry forward. I mean, I just you know, there was some good play up front obviously with the run game. And and you know, we're able to not give up some of those deep balls downfield right away. I think they can change some of the things they were doing offensively after a little bit after working on the stop them there, and you know, had some success, but you know, just let a lot of good fundamental technique upfront to start the game, which was good. You see where it doesn't take much to swing that momentum? You got him at a third and seventeen and they get an open guy forty yards downfield. And they go situation you go from a probable punt to a goal to go, and that's small things. Very quickly. Yeah. No doubt. Obviously, you know, not a very good series by. Defensively they're giving up that big play. And then you know, we had the injury to slay on the play. Also, so kind of put us in a little bit of a different situation had a matchup changes and things like that. There were to capitalize on that. You know would that drive with a touchdown? Just on the hail Mary had a chance to look at that one on tape. And what you saw. Yeah. I mean, you know, unfortunately, you know, there wasn't a lot of really good things on that play. I think obviously going to coach it up better and get the guys in the right position. But we got to execute better than that play. There's quite a few fundamental things. They're number one. We gotta get the guys boxed out everybody in position. And we've got to do a better job just finished that play. So, you know, it's one of those deals where you know, we we practice it all the time. And then when you get that live rep in the game, you never really know how it's gonna go until he goes the wrong way. Then obviously, it's not great. It's easy to throw a blanket over things or some good stories that we've touched on this year. They grow vio cars one of them. Here's a guy who had one sack in his entire career in the first couple of years of the giants comes over here. You see him as a good fit for your system. Now, sit there with a seven and a half sacks. That's a nice transition for him in a nice pick up for you guys. Yeah. You know, he's done a really good job of just learning the system and get in place in taking the opportunity that he's had and making plays. So I think he's got continues to show up every single week in a positive way and continually improves and things that we're asking them to do. So we kind of increases roles as we go. And you know, it's just that's been you know, he's been a good addition to us here touched on a little bit at the top five possessions into their territory in the first half only nine points to show, and it seemed like negative plays. Once you got there. Getting behind the down sticks against a very good defense was a big part of that. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, we know how dynamic their defense is and they create negative plays have some outstanding players, and they were able to take advantage of some of the things that we're doing put us in some of those bad situations. Once we got the ball down close to the red area. And some of those things they start at the drives in those situations, which you know, which cost us. So we've got gotta do better in those those areas where we know that we're going to get some pressure. We're going some different looks and go out and try to just keep the ball going forward and moving the chains in the right? Direction. So we can get a chance to go score. You bet a partisan terrific teams when you're in a situation like that. And a team is beaten your early in their controlling things. But they don't take a big lead that almost a win for your sideline. Because you think we're going to get this thing together it's much different than being down seventeen. Nothing. If you're holding that score close, but certainly dictates the game differently. You know, I mean, I think the score get opportunities go down there and get the touchdowns or get those points differently than can dictate the other side of the ball a little bit different in how they have to approach the game. I think with the score with what it was. And what happened at the end of the half. You know, everybody kinda was able to stay with their game plans on both sides of the ball. And eventually, you know, the pendulum was gonna swing. So, you know, unfortunately for us it went in the wrong direction positive side, much better protection this time. It gets Minnesota. There's a team we know what happened against you. They were coming off a nine set game against Miami. And I know that was a matter of pride for a lot of your offense of as well. Yeah. I mean, I think those guys that are really great job. I mean, you know, I think we they finally got the sack there at the end of the third quarter was the very last play in the third quarter there for. The offense. And I think in our guys just you know, really want to step up and do a good job of keeping the pocket Queen for the quarterback. And making sure we do everything possible to you know, to get the thing going in the right direction. So that was it was good to see that from that standpoint. That those guys really battled one game left. I imagine your message to the team doesn't change much from what has been all season long. Yeah. No doubt. I mean, we're just we approach every single week the same. And and we gotta go get ready to go against Green Bay. It's gonna be a hard game up there. We know how difficult that is we have huge challenge in front of us. And. You know, we got to do everything possible to a situation where we can go win. So nothing changes for us. We've got to go to work. We got to grind it out. And try to get a win here this weekend. Lines head coach Matt Patricia talking about yesterday's loss. Looking ahead of this coming game against Green Bay. The Packers coming off a nice win yesterday come from behind fashion and land to go up there and try to figure it out one last time against Green Bay before they turn the page and hit the off season. And when we come back can Brown has been pontificating about the Khalil Mack trade. We will get his take on that much more. Here's a hint, Mike, and I'm Mike. That's coming up on the other side Online's review. The federal government shutdown continues with no sign of the deal. Correspondent for Sanchez with the side effects of the closure. Approximately eight hundred thousand federal employees are impacted and keeping more than four hundred and twenty thousand who are working without pay during the shutdown and another three hundred eighty thousand who've been furloughed Wall Street tanked after Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin talked to the CEO's of six major banks and was assured they're in good shape. Correspondent Alison Cossack reports the moose done the stock market investors. They spent the day trying to wrap their heads around. Why Mnuchin made those calls out of nowhere? Then putting out this statement about ample liquidity for lending for businesses and Americans on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average fell six hundred fifty three points at the decline of three percent, the S and P five hundred down sixty six the NASDAQ off one hundred forty I'm Ann Cates. JR traffic. I seventy five southbound between I ninety six.

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