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Ran i love these guys i love them so much they are glossary and they're all over our audio doc which is available on audible it's called scars and stripes also a big part of our audio doc is our guests on the show today he is scott redoubt sqi aka rags he is blown up in the last year last like five or six months with h q and finally people are getting to see what we have known about him this entire time and that is that he is the true comedic genius and we are so happy to have him on the show he loves the mets gonna talk baseball he's had brushes with athletic greatness recently and we're gonna talk about that with hey by the way next week our special that we shot last year hipster goes will be coming out on the stars app on may i if you've got the stars app it's free check it out get it and then the next night may second wednesday night at ten pm it's going to air on stars check it out on stars it's called hipster ghost check it out we are so proud of it and happy that is finally seeing the light of day but first let's get into a little sports take right now jay go top is show one to talk about an incident and ugly incident surrounding golf which i know what you're saying how could golf be racist that office you know they're they have guys in gulf name brandel chamblee or bryson d shambo bryson d shambo is so he's holding sa joran ca gelson down that other white golfer that is correct it is it is a sport for whites and when tiger woods sort of really shook it up you had racism on display fuzzy zeller in an interview zeller talking about fried chicken served fried chicken and collard greens neck.

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