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Shawn Adams, Reporter, CBS discussed on Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane


Marla diamond is now live in Brooklyn with a preview Marla and Wayne R. Kelly arrived here at Brooklyn federal court before dawn in the custody of federal marshals for a ten thirty AM arraignment on charges of racketeering and exploitation of young women he allegedly used as sex slaves he previously pleaded not guilty to a federal indictment in Chicago charging him with possession of child **** and was ordered held without bail and transferred here to the Eastern District where he faces some very serious charges that could land him in jail for a very long time a news copter a news helicopter captured video of the fifty two year old R. and B. singer famous for the song I believe I can fly arriving at Teterboro airport in New Jersey wearing a tan prison outfit in orange shoes his lawyers have already asked the judge here in Brooklyn to grant bail he's team calls the alleged victim's disgruntled groupies and we're live in downtown Brooklyn Marley diamonds WCBS newsradio eight eighty six so five eight W. C. B. S. NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo could be out of a job for that hold the killed Eric garner in Staten Island five years ago we're waiting on the results of an NYPD departmental trial W. CBS reporter Shawn Adams at police plaza this morning joins us live well police officer Daniel Pantaleo dodged criminal in federal civil rights charges but should he be fired the department at the deputy commissioner that is who presided over his department trial is reportedly ready to issue her recommendation.

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