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West virginians looking were big for of opportunities and small firm culture type now for brags win the jeez do dragged jury kansas state has lost eight straight games on to ranked teams hill is today number nine here's a western us do first winfield position we talked about this earlier with the great special teams for kansas state i know feel positions a thing you can throw out as a key every single game but i think it's absolutely critical from i mentioned thirteen straight years with a kick return for a touchdown they've done it already this year eleven straight years returner has been named all conference they've got them gone normal you won't one returned guy west virginia has been looking for returned guy about seven years they've got to stud so look for dana holger sent one don't kick in these guys today john to watch this will dana go for it more on fourth down than he would normally do because he may not one a pundit as often as you would know normal gets outs agrees that something that comes up offensively for west virginia i wish i had this to i think west virginia's like eleven of fifteen on fort at i think the leading the league in fort down south today's a good way to do it not has gone okay we talked about this with gregg a little bit make schuyler thompson beat you with his arm we know case state wants to run it they want to run it with the quarterback but give your john a look at this three three five triumph confuse him a little bit and making throw the football i mentioned that jake waters game a few years ago in two thousand fourteen when case state rushed for one yard now in turn into a win because waters went out and threw for four hundred yards i safe your west virginia go see it schuyler thompson can do that and if he throws for four hundred you tip your hat but don't let him beach you on the ground you've got to be efficient offensively and score we've set again all day the deficiency here for kansas states impasse defense they've really struggled especially with the slot you think that would play right into west virginia strength of quarterback with good slot receivers of this has to be one of those games when west virginia bucks.

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