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On free speech TV from Kingston Washington sit your **** beat around Hey here's a quick one for I think it's a golden lining impeachment delay and that is that we can take everybody that is in the attic of product amok or see in turn our energies from impeachment issues can voter turnout and I'm going to just simply offer this phrase that everybody can steal fearless books deal restraint rain drops swamped twenty twenty over the last few years we have been happy spending too much energy workers impeachment thing and really we have to keep our eyes on the prize the rain drops want twenty twenty thank you very much robin Bob from Lansing Michigan we just heard robin saying drain trump swap would you want to say well maybe she should really breasts are impeachment process open until after June when NASA train chorus most a little on the appeals from the White House I believe the actual trump how is the release of these financial records and get on a five or six witnesses including trump themselves the meeting on the witness stand yep we keep it open until the next election after the next election when the Senate returns to the Democrats I thank the trump rather than actually being kicked out of the White House right president she would give it up and retire like Nixon did yeah Bob and really push the call and it is like think about the articles that did move forward on after what some people read in Robert Miller's report was in fact a letter to the doctor saying this is this is you guys ya gotta start impeachment process he read the as as Tom has been reading on the air did spend a bunch I'm reading it on the air the mole report can be read as itself the precursor articles of impeachment it did not lead to impeachment articles the call with Ukraine the whistle blower and the partial transcript did that how come I think the biggest reason is not the severity of the crime I think you could make an argument which is more severe but is the clarity of the evidence the understand ability by various folks that what in so the swing district Democrats the Democrats in particular those are including those who won in trump control district where as before look like well they won't support impeachments let's not bear Sarcelles bye bye you know getting hundred ninety votes for for impeachment losing that they were willing to go with it because this **** was about Nash security and the evidence was clear I think the thing that could change the dynamic could be if there is more clear evidence evidence that is released by the trump administration probably because they're forced by a court I don't know if you even do it if a court force him to do it the other thing that could change the dynamic is if you were forced to and didn't do it Nixon did and said said now I don't care what the courts say I'm not doing it and then maybe the dynamic changes because of the more clear.

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Kingston Washington discussed on Thom Hartmann

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