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Well I think begin using for the recycling a recycling aspect of their mental water would not everyone has a six pack of them like to bring out on a boat and stop it so I think if they sold player why are you in charge of a sunny water at coca Cola in Atlanta I didn't catch you know read a lot of things but I don't that is a good idea yeah but seriously to ponder coming to our canyon now what all right we well how he's going to get us some data traffic can we come back we're gonna talk about this coincidence the convenience of the conspiracy yeah for the cans of water it does look like Pepsi is developing water it can all be on the look out you're on the right for my talk traffic happening right now thirty five you self down that's in Saint Paul by ten street and Kellogg Boulevard watch out for crash I also have a crash three ninety four westbound in golden valley by highway one hundred and park police Xenia pretty heavy levels of traffic as you make your way out of Minneapolis this afternoon also fifty five west about employment by north west Boulevard and for ninety four and we also got a crash down on highway one hundred south founded dina between Benton Avenue and highway sixty two five I witness news weather forecast tonight thunderstorms sixty year low partly cloudy seventy four tomorrow right now eighty two and mostly cloudy.

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