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The heat on Saudi Arabia to explain what happened to Jamaica show g. has reached a boiling point. Numerous media outlets have reported that the Saudis are planning to admit, the journalist wasn't he'd killed after walking into the Saudi consulate in stem bull two weeks ago and that he died after a botched interrogation as airtime. That admission still has not occurred on Twitter. The US president said that the Saudi Crown prince still claims. He doesn't know what happened Mr. kashogi inside the consulate. Steve Clements is an editor at large at the Atlantic and he was a friend of Mr. Kashoggi's. We reached him in Washington, DC, Steve. If we are to believe Donald Trump's tweet foam this afternoon, the Saudi Crown prince still claims. He does not know what happened inside the Saudi consulate when Jamaica show disappeared. What? What do you make of those denials? I mean, Mohammed bin. Someone realizes that inside the. Kingdom. He is fighting for his political future and that a revelation that whether this was you know, framed as a rogue element that took out Jamal kashogi or he himself under his direction that if any of that got out, it fuels his many enemies inside the kingdom. And so we see is in my view, and it is partly speculative. But but we see it in the behavior of our president is complicity in helping the crown prince survive this political challenge over this absolutely horrific situation in the alleged killing of of Jamal kashogi mentioned the rogue agents, which is something that Donald Trump is in floating. He says that comes from from the king that perhaps there where does rogue elements that got in there and did something, we don't know we're, we're trying to find out. We're trying to get to the bottom of it. So what do you make of you saying that that Donald Trump is sort of playing. This for the this Audi count, prince, look, I think Donald Trump has with those that he is invested in like Vladimir Putin. Mom been soman. He endured Kushner. They have now constructed a relationship and a bond between the United States and Saudi Arabia that they're trying to preserve amidst this horrific act, the the wild card in this air to one and Turkey and what has happened throughout this incident. From the very beginning, we have watched her kitchen television slowly leak out bit by bit by bit to further embarrass and to essentially demonstrate what falsehoods Saudis of in saying this some of these series. Because what you're saying that this confusion about what story they're going to finally come up with and stick with is okay. So we have tweets from media reports that disad as we're planning to admit there, they killed in an interrogation that went. Head. And so what happened to that theory. I don't know. We don't know what happened to it. Every leading paper journals opinion hit given the same tip off that that the Saudis were on the edge of doing that right before long, Mike, Pompeo strip. And we don't know whether Donald Trump told them not to do that, which she may have. You know, he believes if you ever admit anything that then the cards in the fall, so denied tonight. And I, we don't know if this was a Trump lead issue or whether Mohammed bin so mon- himself. And I think this is the more likely explanation feels under so much pressure among his Royal cousins and within the Royal court, that if he is attached to this logo operation or not rogue operation, his days are numbered in that role. Okay. The other element is you mentioned is that Turkish officials in what they're putting CO got the possibility that that Donald Trump and the crown prince and the king are trying to work out with the story is going to be. But meanwhile, the Turkish officials, I'm not just giving these other. Bits of information, but actually coming up with photos and evidence that they, you mentioned the fifteen Saudi operatives who fluent is stem bull on the day that Jamal Cushman disappeared. And one of the apparently an autopsy expert with a bone saw. So what does that do to either the rogue agent a theory or the botched interrogation theory, it makes it all charade it..

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