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It's monday january eighteenth. I'm mary regalado. And here's your local news from the los angeles times brought to you by audible. Today will be mostly sunny. But not as warm with a high of seventy seven and a low tonight. Fifty six our top story on saturday. Los angeles county surpassed one million carruthers cases. Since it reported its first infection. Nearly one year ago the county also recorded its first instance of a more contagious variant of the virus health experts. Worry the new strain will bring even more challenges to the region which has become a hotbed of covid nineteen in the us conditions in l. a. Area hospitals remained critical as well and the discovery of the variant adds even more urgency to officials race to vaccinate as many people as possible before it takes hold in crime news during the first two weeks of two thousand twenty one. There were fifty nine shooting victims in the city of los angeles that compares to just seven over the same time period last year l. a. Police chief michael moore called into the crime surge in a tweet on saturday. The ongoing pandemic which has kept many businesses closed and many people at home may be one factor crime patterns radically shifted after the state issued its shutdown order in march overall in two thousand twenty homicides shootings and car thefts surged while robberies reported rapes and lesser property. Crimes dropped off according to the l. a. times homicide report more than six hundred fifty people have been killed in l. a. county in the last twelve months in other news..

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