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Rich and we are saluting our good friend Matt Robinson of mats meals dot com Spelled m A T. T s. Then there's a dash or hyphen in the middle. And that's meals. Mea ls dot com and Matt We're talking about a new Book on how to deliver a toast in many languages that could come in handy these days. Tell us about, I would say so. I mean, as people began to re emerge, Geo, it's important. First of all, to take stock of how fortunate we've all been to make it through this crazy year. But also it's time to get together with our friends and to, you know, maybe raise a glass or two called cheers around the world in 80 toasts, it's by Brandon Cook. Organized by region, whether even clues a special section of ancient and, uh and I guess fictional toast like well, it has Esperanto, which isn't fictional but also has Elvish cling on tells you about each country where they're toasting traditions came from and even recommends some some local drinks that you can do it with. So Check glasses with Australia had frost a campus with some Flint Finlandia vodka cooler through an icky ola with my tie or raise a pipe with a friendly cheers. This book has everything we're able to get together with friends and family. So raise a glass and how I am to everybody, And if you want to check it out, it's that red lightning books dot com bar doctor That's going on. By the way, I'll let you figure it out. Thank you so much and prosper. Thank you So much matter Robinson all part of canisters. Corner WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio 7 26 President Biden signing an executive order aimed at reducing costs on everything from hearing AIDS. To the Internet, he says. Too many companies have a stranglehold on pricing and competition from smartphone makers, not letting outside vendors replace a phone battery to drug companies selling for less than other countries are going to work with states and tribes to safely important prescription drugs from Canada. The president's orders also going after company non compete contracts and Internet provider rules, he says, hurt consumers. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington Tropical Storm also long gone, but leaving lots of rain and damage. We'll get to that story coming up next in the news at 7 30 with double the seasoned beef and a large drink all for $5. Taco Bell's Grande nachos truly deserves a grand intro, perhaps with a grand a beat box, but said, it's crunchy, cheesy beat. Actually, that sounded better in my head. Go get the $5 grand nachos before they make every exit. Mm Nope. Only at Taco Bell.

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