Russia, Syria, President Trump discussed on Michael Medved


Let's go to Sean in Atlanta. Sean, you're on the Medved show on d day. Thank you, Mark. Appreciate your show. Thank you. I believe that Trump be saying that he he got rid of ISIS that we won the war against ISIS. I disagree with that. Because I remember Russia coming out during the war. They went in to rescue their friends, Syria. And I remember them saying that they had won the war against ISIS. They had announced it. So I don't know who's right who's wrong. But I believe Russia. Well, I again, I don't I don't think that's true because Russia. Russia has not been aligned with any of the forces against the regime. Russia's been in aligned with the regime in Syria. Now, I will say that Russia could argue we've won the war in Syria, generally because the whole purpose of the war was whether to keep or get rid of the Assad regime. Russia was on the side of the butcher of Damascus the President Assad of Syria, Bashar Al Assad, but in terms of Russia winning the war against ISIS. It's not and it's also by the way, I think it's it's a very bad idea to talk about winning the war or eliminating ISIS. Isis has been rolled back and President Trump was right? When he said, ISIS is not dominant hasn't once was in Syria, but it hasn't been eliminated. And it's it's foolhardy to to talk that way. It seems to me. I'll tell you something else. Sean. I know you're gonna like this. The other person individual who deserves some credit for rolling back. Isis. Is Barack Obama because the mission to try to take on ISIS was begun under him. Now. President Trump rented up raise the priority of it. Good for him. But. President Obama deserves some credit to appreciate your call. Let's go to Tom in Glendora, California. Hello, Tom, happy new year. Happy new year to you, Michael. Thank you, two quick points. If I might number one of this disagreement is what Salem network talk radio giant. You have a great history series. That ought to be mandatory in every darn high school in the country public and private to teach the perspective of America..

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