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He throws a complete game shutout, leading the Brewers to a four Nothing Wayne against ST Louis. Hauser gives up just three hits, seven strikeouts, No walks, he becomes the first Brewers pitcher. Since Jimmy Nelson in 2017 to throw a complete game and the first since Kyle Lotion 2014 to throw a complete game shutout of his 100 pitches. 76 of them go for strikes. 77 of them are sinking fastballs, and manager Craig Counsell said. That pitch really leads the way he just kind of had it all working today is best way to describe it. As I thought the sinker away kind of the backdoor sinker was really effective pitch. He seemed to have that Pitch whenever he wanted it. And when you have a as good as sinker, as Adrian does that makes the plate just feel really wide when I kind of get them leaning out over the plate and still have to be aware of running that ball in on their hands. So it was a gym. No question about it. Luis, your Ia's hits a home run his 19th of the Year, three game series, even at a game apiece. Series will wrap up this afternoon and American family field. Corbyn Burns on the mound nine and four record one 11th pitch. Our coverage will begin at 12 o'clock with Brewer's warm up tough start to the season for the Wisconsin Badgers as they lose to Penn State yesterday. 16 10 at Camp Randolph Graham merged 22 of 37 185 yards, No touchdowns, two interceptions. This game is scoreless at halftime before Penn State is able to score just enough points to come away with the victory after the game, head coach Paul Chris made it very clear the season's not over. It's a tough loss. We've gotta I'll learn from it. You know there's gonna be some things that you want to build on. And we've got to do that. And obviously it's very obvious and there'll be other things that we've got to correct and move forward. If we want to be a good football team, which I think we can be elsewhere around the big 10 number 18 Iowa knocks off number 17 Indiana 34 to 6 Michigan over in western Michigan 47 14 Rutgers over Temple 61 14 Nebraska defeats 14 52 to 7 Maryland knocks off West Virginia 32 24 per do over Oregon State. 32 21, Texas San Antonio wins at Illinois 37 to a 30 around top 25 College football number one Alabama had no problem defeating number 14 Miami 44 to 13 the game of the weekend. Number three. Clemson against Number five Georgia It's Georgia getting the upset win. 10 3 is the final score in that contest Coming up later on today. Number nine Notre Dame matched up against Florida State. Matt Polly WTMJ Sports Thanks a lot mad. It's 9 18 that temperatures up to 68 degrees. We've got your forecast and also some information about a very good cause. It's a luncheon coming up here in the next couple of weeks that feature a fantastic speaker will tell you all about that. It's all ahead of Wisconsin weekend morning news. We want to help your nonprofit. Keep doing good. It's.

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