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Welcome back to know your enemy. I'm jeffrey benedict. Filling in for michael. Back with me is tate's who's been hanging out with us in a lot of different beats steel curtain podcasts. Also his own podcast called no it alls and It's they cover you guys. Cover every single sport. We've been yeah and with us for the second half of our show our enemy expert on the enemy this week. Is bruce nolan from buffalo. Rumblings bruce. how're you doing folks on fantastic. Thanks so much for having me be part of it. Good thanks for being on here so we. We were just talking about the differences between the steelers roster from last season's buffalo game and what we what we have coming into week. One of twenty twenty one so i'm going to turn that around and ask you. What are the biggest changes to the buffalo bills roster from last season two this season. I think it starts with a defensive line. I think that when you went into the twenty twenty season there was a remake on the buffalo bills. Offensive line brought in mario. Addison in quentin jefferson drafted. Aj vanessa you thought. Okay you're going to get a new look buffalo bills defensive line and he didn't quite go the way they wanted it to so they said you know what twenty twenty one. Let's try it again. Let's just get a mulligan on this. So quick. jefferson's out verna butler restructures. They draft gregory russo. They draft boogie basham and all the sudden they start to get a little bit of juice going in the preseason and the reports coming out of training camp and they think okay. Maybe this time we finally got it right. because that's always been a big part of successful. sean mcdermott. Defenses is being able to send wave after. Wave after wave of town onto defensive lineman. It's not about a singular impact player. It's about waves and of multiple good players. And if you look at the success that he had when he was in philadelphia anytime he had success when he was in carolina it was always as a result of the front seven being strong specifically being able to get pressure with four. The buffalo bills. Actually blitzed a fair amount of the time last year. Not because that's who they are not because that's who they want to be because they it out of necessity not out of preference and so the biggest change for the buffalo bills in two thousand twenty one versus twenty twenty s. They think they may have gotten the defensive line right all right now. I was looking one of the things i like to do. Is i like to look at the snap. Counts from the prior year and the depth chart for this current year. And see like how how how much you know people were they will retain and how many new faces do they have looking at the bills on defense. Fifteen of the top seventeen snap counts on defense returned and you added to high draft. Picks to the defense like the defense. Yeah obviously you said the has had a bit of a makeover last year but this defense isn't just adding a few pieces. This is a defense is growing and has some consistency Do you expect kind of a return to what the buffalo bills defense was. You know the two years prior or do you think they'll be somewhere in between last year and what they were the before. I think that stylistically the defense is probably going to look a little different even when the bills had a top five defense over the last couple of years before drifting off a little bit in two thousand twenty two kind of middle of the pack defense. It was really secondarily focused for the bills. It was because you had mica hide because you had jordan player because you had for davis white because you had some semblance of a warm body at cb two who could the other three could sort of make up for the levi. Wallace is now that guy right now but historically. That's just been a rotating. Rotating body in the sean mcdermott defense. And it was really about the secondary it started with coverage and the coverage. Assist the pass rush. So i think there's a reasonable chance. The buffalo bills defense bounced back. But i don't think it's going to be because of the defense looking the same stylistically as the way it did before. I think it's going to get back to prominence if it's going to get back to being a top five defense. It's going to be because the pass rush helped the back end more so than the back end helped the pass rush all right looking at the offense. I did the same kind of snap. Count the depth chart. Look at the offense. The offense returns fourteen out of seventeen of their top snap counts to the depth chart this year including their top nine the top night guys for snaps in two thousand twenty are back for the bills offense in two thousand twenty one and that was a top offense in the league. Is there any significant changes on the bills offense or is this. Is this the bill saying you know. This is the thing that is right. Let's give these guys another year together. Let's let's let's see if they can just do better just by knowing each other more. The phrase run it back got used quite a bit in the buffalo bills concert community when it revolves around the buffalo bills offense. The only major change was the departure of john brown and the insertion of emmanuel sanders. And so there's a lot of discussion about whether or not that was an upgrade. I personally am of the opinion. That is a slight upgrade emmanuel sanders. I think has enough juice left in the tank..

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