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I mean he shooting he shooting off the hip. I haven't seen so many videos. Start off with bitches off the test. They told you Motherfucker mama's cooking get my. Do you find it entertaining or is it like watching the train wreck type of thing. It's a combination of the two. He's like kwami. Brown is like the joker. We'd never ask for because he's just wreaking havoc and there's nothing that you can do about it. I think we charlemagne policy and apologize. He's like fuck y'all apology. Don't get to the bank. I think. I think kwami is the job that we built like was over the last couple. We deserve it definitely. We deserve it. I've been watching old media. Clips of stephen. A smith and skip bayless. Talk about kwame brown when they wanted the same show. And i'm like who This shit does not look good now. There is a whole episode like a series episode two days. when the jalen rosen. Jalen rose versus skip bayless and stephen smith and they're talking about their role as media members in sports in jalen rose says of the last week he's like i don't mind talking about skills and shots at the moment you start calling chris bosh was they call him bosch by slash. Like what does that. What are you critiquing. what are you saying. That moment and they start talking about quarries bonafides crime and stephen doubles down right now. Hearst quick from wrong matt. I i fly stephen. They might be the last nickel on the planet who hasn't responded to kwame round. I think he might be everybody else has either said you know comes. I think what matt barnes and said you know. Come on the podcast. Give us the smoke. Look we can fight before hand if we need to what happened. Kwami just kept releasing more videos. Yeah so now. That wouldn't leave. Set the fuck up. And now he's just like double down on or charlemagne why because charlemagne stepped out there did qualms commies were lewis man and snipe go as like a a youtube battle rapper yet. But as soon as you step out out the gate saying like i almost. He's like bathing into this shit now. Yeah he's a he's like sticking might become the next assigned canvas of talk to. Nick is now Swear shit calling brown become the next assigned campbell that as you gotta chill it just. I can't even pretend like i know that. Is you just gotta go down a couple you to hold joint go down. We a bid down the battle rap Seven whole exciting about that A rabbit i go inside and come back out like i don't necessarily stay there is like Like dr omar shit. So it's like a whole universe a whole multi multi versus like a nigga several of them but okay but On 'cause he did he did..

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