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But the joke is like it probably gonna have to run twenty wind because he can't throw oh man it's so funny the crowd dying laughing well maybe people don't know who 21 savage is also so they don't get the idea but 21 savaged with the rapper from atlanta believer in yeah i think lott lonzo ball claimed that's only one saraji the reason i'm was better than j these reasons album which was another things that remind me that i'm old one savvy okay is all levels aiding amber rose which is an important part those are kind of activity situation so under arrigo class which again with your value i know was torn on in these streets i wanna talk savaged to be good just because his name assemble that that's not least are missing after his name emphasized i do i i'm not going to let you move on let's stick with his twenty one savage 'cause i appreciate that it is based personnel because tom barrack is a basic quarterbacks oh twenty one also known as based personnel proceed the football heads will like that name and the required by audiences all right this one you have to do it exactly as i say or don't bother at all it's kirk kirk kurt kirk kirk you see me i'd be kirk kirk kirk oh oh i do work work work work work is a so good i can even a hanoi excellent excellent idea i'm starting to worry though that iraq in and get invited to an event is evil believed to i don't really take it seriously and his make fun of people in the group at all the time and i start the guys that don't be starting right i'll pick jay cutler in third round just to be a jerk but i don't think i'm gonna infinity football this year because as earlier respect rehearsing lady inviting you to mine after he told me all that i don't.

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