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I we're supposed to be. Yeah. Just to yourself. Don't marvel about youth because you how old was he when he was in the Commodores young Otis twenties when they started it's that you what happens to me like he's like an he's like, it's an ages thing. And he just kind of looks like old dad on the line, the lawn underlined gently giving trays. Back in my day. You for posting Selma. Blair I ever make up to incredibly brave and sweet. Yesterday. She has MS. Yes. And she is putting a face Thomas, and what it's like in the realities of it and not, you know, hiding away from it. And just I read the Vanity Fair story. It's the one with Miley Cyrus on the cover. Yeah. There's and it was really did you like the cover? It didn't use Brown. Oh the cover was beautiful green in spring. So yeah, I don't know who did the art on that one. But it's good. But the Selma Blair interview was really really good because there's also the site of people who are telling her, stay, quiet. Don't you don't you don't need to be the face of this. You don't need to be the one. And it's like, well, I'm not gonna do it. Who is right? You know, because she in a ways embracing it because she was it five or six years before she was diagnosed. Now, at least Laurie I think it was even longer. All right, listen, when we come back selene was on grip born America, you know, her last last show in Vegas is coming up. I think for me. I know what you've got till June eighth to make it happen. Oh,.

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