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Juries about investing cannabis learn more about how to invest in the boomy cannabis industry. Go watch the high times investor webinar at high times investor dot com. That's high times investor dot com. Hi times holding corpse offering will be made only by means of an offering circular which has been filed within qualified by the US securities and Exchange Commission. These securities are highly speculative investigate shares of common stock of high times holding corporate welf significant risks the investment is suitable only for persons who can afford to lose their entire investment. Furthermore, investors must understand that such investment could be liquid for an indefinite period of time Clark occurred in the exists for the securities. If a public market develops following the offering that may not continue to ten a copy of the offering circular which contains information about high tens holding Corp offering and other related topics, including the risks of the investments, please visit high times investor dot com. That's high times investor dot com heart media and it's affiliates. Are investors in high times holding corporate or not associated with this offering heart media and it's affiliates? Not responsible for the information contained in this message. The information included the high temps investor dot com or the information filed with the securities and Exchange Commission. Jack, Loney, owner of arch painting painting worth dedicated to providing customers with the best quality and service in New England to have the best service. We need the best people right now. We're looking for hard-working qualified individuals to join arch paintings team of professional if you have experience with project management in the painting or construction fields. Call us today at one eight four four arch painting or apply online at arch painting dot com. All positions of time offer a great benefits package, including 4._0._1._K as well as a fun and exciting place full of happy and outgoing people. If you want to bitch your career with the winglets leading painting company. Call us today at one eight four four arch painting or apply.

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