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Oh. You know what it is if you hear my voice. The FIEF has been re. fucking knighted between Jack O'Brien I things are hand goes. Up Down or you know he's a father trying to be right by his kids and he had to supervise loom preschool thing right by. PODCAST. Is. That's disrespect. Anyway welcome to this episode of somebody come get. Cheese dance, and like a trend or That is from every show 'cause I like that one little. Is that what the deal with that day had be race remers because of Mike will made it yeah. I think so it was one of them three sixty deals where Michael was like look i. got you all right. Now rash rumoured. Who Do the rap, and I give you the money, and that's all you worry about, and they were like that's it, but then now what's where's the other do because I feel like sway is the one I hear about way more morale. Other worse rumored. Try, remember his name. I know right rap. Swaley and we'll come on. Somebody is listening to this right now. Going screaming. Come on. You know who it is. Slim, Jimmy Slim Jimmy thanks. Slim Jackson. Emmy swayed me. Yeah anyway so that's a way to waste a few minutes up top on this trending episode. Let's talk about what is trending and honestly race remers is not trending so I don't know what is going on that. Kid cutty, and Eminem or trending right now and I said what went on. Where are they going to? They're dropping an album tonight. Yeah, Moon Man Slim Shady, the adventures of moon, man, and Slim Shady and look at this album art i. don't even know what to think like. I'm like I'm loyal to Eminem. Like someone's like loyal. poop shells like yeah I'll focus back in the early two thousands. I'm now I get it. You know what I mean yeah. Because the last couple of albums just. Please sir, like I know you have. We have the bar abilities to do it, but some. I don't know but I like I like Scott Must Gutty. We'll see them, but I don't know where he's at. I think the last thing I heard from him was the kids he goes? Okay. He's back then I think he puts them out, but. Not, really putting into the street like I used yeah. I completely feel you I think this. Is You know I mean I'd love to see people collaborate but this. Feels like a reach, but I'll be listening feels like a reading. What sense. Each Other and they need to get some sales going. Yes, precisely. Yeah. That's why it's like weird to me. Do is, isn't the? Naturally be like Oh finally. Exactly Kid, Cudi's eminem Marshall and Scott here we go. Disillusionment on both of our sides from the music industry. Just like okay. What's the over under? What's the over under on some transphobic? Homophobic lyrics from EMINEM. I would say within the first two songs. Undoubtedly! okay, let's what else Michael Cohen. Michael, Cohen is trending I. Don't like what the fuck is doing, so he got out of jail. If you remember two months ago, because white and in federal, you know club. Fed Type Prison. He was released a basically how to furlough for his sentence. Being like look man because the Kovic scare is real, and we're only acknowledging that very selectively insert prisons based on the prison population. You have found yourself. Yourself enough to be in this prison, and we will let you serve out the remainder of your sentence at home This dude could not even do that. Part Rom Com. A lot of it is around just his. He refused to sign some kind of paperwork, saying that he wouldn't like. Write a book or something while he was in like while he was on this furlough and he didn't do it, so this man is back in custody. Back in the fucking audacity. This motherfucker already had the fuck him privilege while other people, black and brown inmates are already in. All kinds of mistakes. And bad laws and legit crimes, but to only extend that concern about Cova to these selective prisons only to have these people not even take that shit seriously. Smack in the face Yup really the other thing with onion. And like Saturn News the first one coming out of South Korea where the mayor of Seoul yeah was found dead on the so on Thursday in Korea there like this man missing, he called in sick for work on Thursday apparently this was the day after his secretary had filed a complaint, saying that she had been sexually harassing her. Since two thousand seventeen and a lot of people's talk about this mayor and his record actually is being you know in the in the? Korean political spectrum I he's been out here. Possibly being like a potential presidential candidate, being a champion of women's rights. And you know doing a lot with his with his platform, but you know it's that never means anybody is safe from any kind of misdeeds right so. He like left his daughter a very cryptic what she describes his will like message, and then they'd like once. A search party went on. They found his body in the hills of northern soul, so that is. A bit of darkness and You know this is kind of there's in Korea. There's also been a very large me to like reckoning within that country as well so. Yeah that was a dark thing to read, and then also i. mean not to say that obviously is harassment of the secretary is also awful the other thing. Nyerere Rivera who was on Glee. Formerly with big Sean I had met her years ago actually. Yes. She was presumed dead I. Don't think they have found her body or remains, but she was in Lake Pyro L. A. With her son, and they are presumed that she has most likely drowned. That's. It's so sad, they fat. What's I mean the fact that they found her son on the boat? Is. So scary, so also you know in a very small way. Relieving that, you know their son is okay, but such a mysterious circumstances so sad I just you know I. I pray for that family, and just you know that hopefully we get some answers. Yeah, you don't know what happened like being in the water and some kind of health. Something happens to you out there. Knows, you never know and yeah, it's. Really awful awful you. Do you know anything about Peru? Have you ever been there? Is that like? No I mean I. Know like the like the kids who were like the boat kids river grades. I went to school whose family boat they will go up to lake pyro. That's how I know it. I've never been to their myself I just to drive by it a lot. Yeah, but that's about it. That's my. PYRO! Yeah..

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