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We will recap the epi T C conference, including our conversations with hyper Mike session on eastwards with Steve ISAACs, and our treacherous journeys back home to the cold treacherous is right. Hey, you know, it's funny. I was talking to someone else that was in Orlando. I haven't come across someone and they were complaining about the weather too. So it wasn't just us wish and it was a little bit. It was a little bit warmer. Apparently, someone's that it was like the worst weather is been in Orlando in like six months or something like that. Well, just bad timing. Yes. It wasn't too bad for us. But I mean, it was rainy. And kinda I've felt bad for the people that were there for -cations, right? Bad for Orlando in certainly yes hundred percent felt bad for the people. Like, we we heard. People at at least at the place we stayed out which was like a more like a re touristy like super resort type place. There's obviously people from all over the world where we were saying. Yeah, probably were paying like a small fortune to be there, and it was pretty crummy weather, most of the time. Yeah. So there I guess Tuesday. Yeah. No, yet Tuesday was pretty nice actually it was in the afternoon. The sun the sun finally came out, right? A lot of flights got delayed heading home though. Yes. Luckily minded did. Not did yours. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. I was delayed two or three hours. But was John spikes flight got cancelled? He didn't even he might not even be home yet. Hopefully, and then and then I got into a car accident. Yeah. That's crazy. So kind of got got driven off the road by obviously a very angry transport truck driver. Well, so I think my car is pretty much written off, and I didn't get to bed until probably. Seven thirty or eight o'clock the next morning. So I was up probably for twenty seven or twenty eight twenty six or twenty seven hours. I was j pretty rough. Yeah. That's crazy. But I guess I mean in general, I mean, I'll tell you. I I've I every time I think what the accident. I forget about it. And think about how awesome the week was other than that. Everything was great the accident, the car and that all work itself out. We had a pretty RAD week fantastic week..

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